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A Place In The Sun star Jasmine Harman breaks down in tears over Jonnie Irwin’s death live on air

A PLACE In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harmine broke down in tears as she opened up about her close friend, the late Jonnie Irwin.

Jasmine appeared on Loose Women to discuss her late co-star, who died earlier this year aged 50 after a battle with cancer.

Jonnie tragically lost his cancer battle earlier this year
Jasmine Harman/Instagram
The pair started working together on Channel 4’s A Place in The Sun back in 2004
Jasmine Harman/Instagram
Jasmine Harman/Instagram

Jasmine got emotional as she remembered her late colleague[/caption]

Having worked together for nearly two decades, Jasmine was understandably teary while she recalled their time together.

The presenter’s voice broke as she discussed her friend and remembered their first meeting.

While a montage of photos was shown, Jasmine revealed: “Looking at these old photos chokes me up actually.

“It was a big break away for both of us from what we had been doing previously, going to working in television

“We didn’t always film together as we were often in different countries but we used to get together at A Place In The Sun events all the time and we became good friends. Jonnie came to my wedding.

“I met my husband on the show and when Jonnie met Jess, his lovely wife, I just remember thinking ‘wow she is the one for him’. 

Then they had their lovely boys. And yes, it really is a hard time…”

Presenter Kaye Adams noticed Jasmine was having a difficult time, as she said: “This is fresh and I totally appreciate this Jasmine. I mean it has only been a matter of months since Jonnie passed away and the loss of a friend.

“All losses are difficult, but the loss of a friend going back 20 years is a particular loss. I don’t know, one reflects on their life.”

Jasmine agreed, as she replied: “Absolutely and I think you never know what’s around the corner and I think Jonnie’s situation, we can all take something from it.”

Ultimately, she finished by saying: “The outpouring of love for him has been amazing, so I want to thank all the people for their messages.”

Jonnie and Jasmine presented their first A Place In The Sun episode on Channel 4 back in February 2004.

Dad-of-three Jonnie also hosted BBC’s Escape to The Country and announced his lung cancer diagnosis in November 2022, adding it had spread to his brain.

Jonnie had himself received the diagnosis two years earlier.

A family spokesman shared in February this year that Jonnie had “fought bravely against cancer with unwavering strength and courage” before he passed away at 50.

Jasmine also shared a gushing tribute to Jonnie a month after his tragic passing.

Remembering her co-star, she said: “He was such an inspiration to so many people and he is missed so much.

“Thank you to all the people who have given messages of support and as always my thoughts and love are with Jonnie’s family.”


Jasmine recalled how Jonnie attended her wedding to Jon Boast in 2009[/caption]

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