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Bag and feng shui: useful tips for the main female accessory

Feng shui is not just how to clean, choose furniture or create harmony in the house. It is also a science of choosing the right clothes and accessories. A handbag is not just a thing, but a real source of luck, but only if it is correctly selected.

Shape and look of the bag

If you really want to improve your love situation and simply become more attractive to a man, you should choose a smaller bag.

Large bags are more suitable for those who have already found the man of their dreams and managed to start a family.

Square or rectangular bags are associated with severity, so they are more suitable for business women and elderly ladies.

Round, oval and other soft bags are more suitable for creative personalities and younger girls.

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Bag color

Color plays a very important role, so you should choose it as responsibly as possible.

A black bag or briefcase, according to feng shui philosophy, will perform protective functions. The black shade allows such a bag to absorb the negative energy of others. A woman will be able to stay focused and attentive longer.

The red bag is the choice of strong and self-confident ladies. If you do not have the necessary self-confidence, such a bag will correct the situation.

Blue bags are for women who, because of their profession or character, are forced to think a lot. The water element that corresponds to this shade increases intuition and gives a woman life wisdom.

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The green color is suitable for those women who move a lot, travel, drive a car or generally lack physical strength.

The light blue bag has a calming effect. This shade is very good for reducing nervousness and eliminating stress.

White – these bags are necessary for those who want to meet good people more often and be in the spotlight.

The yellow color will help improve the psychological state of the lady, as well as increase optimism.

Orange will suit someone who is creative and needs to make important decisions.

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Material selection

An excellent but expensive choice is leather. Leather accessories attract a lot of luck to a woman, as it is a natural material.

The skin substitute also has a right to life, but this material will be worse than natural skin, because its outer layer is a polymer, which is an artificial material.

It is also worth noting the knitted bags, which act as a strong amulet. From the point of view of feng shui, such a material is extremely useful for female energy.

Useful feng shui expert advice

Try to never leave your bag on the floor, especially if you are not at home. The fact is that at the bottom is concentrated the main part of the negative Sha flows that harm the female energy.

Try not to carry other people’s things in your bag or backpack, because they can deprive you of luck.

You should get rid of the torn bag immediately. If it looks worn, you need to buy a new one. When buying, it’s important to buy what you like best. If you don’t like your bag, it will cause you problems.


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