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Bangkok man arrested for running homemade firearms operation

Bangkok man arrested for running homemade firearms operationLegacy

Bangkok police successfully arrested a 39 year old man for illicitly manufacturing and distributing homemade firearms, a criminal operation that had been ongoing for over three years. The arrest took place yesterday, March 18, at a rental room in the Bang Khae district of Bangkok.

The suspect, identified as Jakrapong or Rot, was caught with a significant cache of weapons and manufacturing equipment. Among the confiscated items were a .22 calibre homemade gun with a 27-inch barrel, a slide assembly with a firing mechanism for a .22 calibre weapon, three .22 calibre magazines, and four rounds of ELEY brand .22 calibre ammunition.

The raid, led by Police Colonel Trithep Phattharathan and his team, uncovered a covert workshop packed with tools and components used for gun manufacturing.

The haul included four trigger mechanisms, nine hammers for guns, eight triggers, a green plastic basket, ten .22 calibre gun barrels measuring 24 inches each, 17 springs, a metal box, a wooden gun handle, an electric drill, a container filled with sand and synthetic fibres for testing the weapons, 340 spent .22 calibre bullet casings, 256 lead bullets, a bench drill, a pen lathe, a mobile phone, and various other devices.

Police were tipped off to the illegal activity by an informant, leading to the investigation and subsequent arrest. During interrogation, Jakrapong confessed to producing and selling the homemade weapons for no less than three years. He now faces legal proceedings as the authorities continue their crackdown on illegal arms manufacturing.

The case underscores the ongoing challenge that law enforcement faces in combatting the underground arms trade. The sophistication of the makeshift workshop and the duration of the operation highlight the demand for such weapons and the need for vigilance and community cooperation in reporting suspicious activities.

This arrest is part of a broader effort by the Thai police to ensure public safety by stemming the flow of illegal weapons. In a city as vast as Bangkok, the swift action of the police sends a clear message to those who engage in similar illicit activities that the manufacturing and sale of illegal firearms will not be tolerated.

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