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Carolyn Kemp Obituary Who Was Carolyn Kemp? How Did Carolyn Kemp Die?

Mount Vernon, Illinois mourns the passing of Carolyn Louise Kemp at age 79 on August 16, 2021. Carolyn left behind an extraordinary legacy and will long be remembered fondly by family and friends alike. As we reflect upon her life we celebrate it for what it represents – love, kindness, dedication; her impact will remain. We honor Carolyn’s memory while celebrating all she left us all behind with treasured memories for future generations to cherish.

Who was Carolyn Louise Kemp?

Carolyn was born April 18, 1942, to James Samuel and Irene Elliott of Mount Vernon, Illinois. Throughout their 52-year marriage until his passing away in 2016, John B. Kemp Sr was her partner and friend in life and faith. Carolyn dedicated herself tirelessly to her family, community, and religion throughout her lifetime.

What Was Carolyn’s Impact on Her Family?

Carolyn loved and cared deeply for her family, leaving behind an abundant legacy of affection in the form of sons John B. Kemp Jr. and Jim L. Kemp and grand children Shelby Dalton Bryton Dustin who represent a testament of love that was irrepressibly provided through Carolyn’s nurturing spirit and unfaltering support – creating strong ties within both of these families that made her so highly cherished by each. She will long be missed.

How Did Carolyn Benefit Her Community?

Carolyn dedicated 15 years as a Medical Transcriptionist at Crossroads Community Hospital where her compassion and dedication made an incredible difference for patients as well as healthcare providers, touching many lives within her locality through the service that her work provided them.

What Role Did Faith Play in Carolyn’s Life?

Carolyn found comfort and strength from her faith as an adherent of Protestant Christianity, drawing strength and guidance from their beliefs to guide both her actions and shape who she became throughout her lifetime. Carolyn relied heavily on God as source of guidance in all areas of her life including relationship building and character formation – something her relationship with Him provided daily guidance, inspiration and comfort – something her faith provided comfort with as an anchor throughout.

How Will Carolyn Be Remembered?

Carolyn will always be remembered fondly and fondly by those fortunate enough to know her; for her warm smile, kind heart, and gentle spirit will live on for generations to come. As wife, mother, grandmother and sister Carolyn created memories to be treasured throughout time by those fortunate enough to call themselves her family members or just knew of her legacy of compassion, dedication and love that inspired all who knew her personally.

Carolyn Louise Kemp’s death marks a profound loss for Mount Vernon community and all who knew her, yet her spirit lives on in our memories and the good she made during her time on Earth. While Carolyn may no longer be here physically, her legacy of love, kindness, and dedication lives on. Farewell Carolyn; you will remain an eternal source of comfort and inspiration to those fortunate enough to call you friend or acquaintance.

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