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City Power set to evaluate the extent of the damage of the Joburg underground fire

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It is expected that City Power will assess the extent of the fire’s damage to the electrical infrastructure on Thursday morning. This follows the underground fire that happened on Wednesday along the M1 near the Johannesburg CBD.

Preliminary investigations revealed that a cable connecting the Fordsburg substation to the Braamfontein substation caught fire due to suspected cable theft and vandalism.

This occurred when the utility team discovered tools including hacksaws, cutters, and screwdrivers that are frequently used in theft and vandalism.

Isaac Mangena, a City Power spokesperson, states that the areas of Braamfontein, Newtown, and Parktown are still without electricity.

“Work towards restoration is expected to start at midday if all is in order, where rubble will be cleared and assessments to determine the extent of the damage is done. Findings will determine the course of operations. Restoration of supply will be determined by work that has to be performed on site. Meanwhile, the local power utility is exploring alternatives to supply power to the affected customers by back-feeding through the Fort and Bree Substations.”

“Progress on work conducted on site will be communicated throughout the day. Operations on site follow the fire that occurred in the underground tunnels along the M1 near Smit street and the double-decker section. It is suspected that the fire may have resulted from theft and vandalism of the electricity infrastructure, an incident which Tuesday night. The fire was put out but started again in the early hours on Wednesday morning. Preliminary findings indicate that a cable connecting Braamfontein Substation to the Fordsburg substation caught fire during the suspected cable theft and vandalism.”

“This, after the City Power the team recovered tools such as the hacksaw, cutter and screw drivers which are normally used during acts of vandalism and theft. A cellphone was also recovered from the site of the fire. The entity apologises for the inconvenience this has caused, including to the motorists who use the M1 highway between Braamfontein and the Crown Interchange.”

City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena,

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