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Colors of Evil: Red Ending Explained: Who Killed Monika? Is Bilski Able to Catch the Perpetrator?

Director Adrian Panek
Writer Łukasz M. Maciejewski
Cast Jakub Gierszał, Maja Ostaszewska, Zofia Jastrzębska, Andrzej Konopka, Przemysław Bluszcz, Wojciech Zieliński, Andrzej Zieliński, Jan Wieteska, Łukasz Pawłowski, Wojciech Kalita, Zbigniew Stryj, Szymon Czacki, Daniel Dobosz
Genre Mystery, Thriller, Drama
Runtime 111 minutes
Native Title Kolory zła: Czerwień
Platform Netflix

Colors of Evil: Red Plot

In this psychological crime thriller film, a prosecutor and a grieving mother come together to solve her daughter’s brutal murder that has similarities to a case from years ago. Although Prosecutor Bilski tries his best to get to the bottom of things, he is stopped at every moment by red tape. However, that doesn’t deter him from trying his hardest to see justice served.

Colors of Evil: Red Ending Explained

Colors of Evil: Red Ending Explained

When the movie first starts, we get a glimpse into Monika’s life as she starts to work for a bar called the Shipyard Club and starts a romantic affair with the manager. However, she is quickly forced to sell drugs as she starts her bartending job and before long she comes under the sleazy eyes of the bar’s owner Lukasz Kazarski. Although she is unaware of the implications at first, her spunky attitude gets his attention and he claims her as his, making her go through horrible torture in order to serve his perverse sexual fantasies. She tries to get away from him and even goes to the police with her complaints, but is turned away by Spider, who turns out to be working for Kazarski.

In the present, Bilski smells the crap when he realises that the perpetrator of the previous murder feels like an easy target and doesn’t seem like the likely suspect. He tries to protest his supervisor’s demands to close the case after the suspect ends his life, but Bilski continues to push through. He finds out that Monika’s father is Kazarski’s attorney and then searches through her room with her mother Helena, only to find the drugs hidden away. In order to get somewhere with her daughter’s case, Helena herself goes to the club to investigate but is drugged and almost caught but manages to get away in the nick of time.

Colors of Evil: Red Ending Explained

In the end, Bilski teams up with Spider and Haircut to figure out whose fingerprints are on the little baggie of drugs in Monika’s room, only to be pointed to Waldemar Mila, the manager from the bar. Although he is nowhere to be found, the three talk to his sister and then follow her to his hideout, wherein Spider shoots Mila before Bilski can get anything out from him. Bilski is left to suspect Spider’s motives while Helen, finding out about her husband’s involvement in Kazarski’s dirty business thanks to a pendrive, asks him what is happening.

He tells her that Monika had come to her with all of her problems and he had cut the deal with Kazarski in order to save Monika from coming in harm’s way. He had further asked her to run away and hide and had paid for it, however, he suspects that Kazarski had gotten to her before she could escape. Either way, Bilski is able to arrest Kazarski thanks to the evidence in the pendrive handed over by Monika’s father and even finds evidence linking him to the murders thanks to a bracelet that he had made with his victims’ lips.

Colors of Evil: Red Ending Explained

However, Monika’s murder still doesn’t sit right with Bilski. He continues to mull over the details, especially when Kazarski refuses to take the blame for her murder. However, he soon realises that he had forgotten about Monika’s ruby ring which wasn’t found with the body and one he had caught a glimpse of – with Monika’s friend Milo. On the other hand, Helena is spending the night with Milo’s father Dubiela at a remote cabin and comes across the ring left behind by Mario in his room.

Before she could make a run for it, though, Dubiela incapacitates her and ties her down. As Bilski makes a run for it to save Helena, she frees herself from her ties and faces Dubiela, who tells her the truth – Mario had “accidentally” killed Monika while he was helping her run away from Kazarski. We see that Mario had tried to forcefully have sex with Monika but when she refused, he killed her in a fit of rage. In the end, Dubiela kills himself from the guilt of helping his son hide the murder as well as framing the other man, resulting in his death as well while Mario turns himself over to the police.

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