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Completely transform your backyard with my budget-friendly upgrade – just follow my rule & avoid a ‘brilliant’ mistake

AN expert in outdoor spaces has weighed in on a budget-friendly fix.

They said the upgrade won’t break the bank, but makes all the difference.


Samantha richards, a backyard gazebo expert at Gazeboshop, gave her tips on decorating an outdoor space (stock photo)[/caption]

Samantha Richards, backyard gazebo expert at Gazeboshop, weighed in on outdoor decor.

She listed out five ways to keep your backyard pristine.

From flower colors to picking out decor, Richards gave the 411 on sprucing up an outdoor space.

Her tips come just in time, with summer hosting season just around the corner.


No outdoor space is complete without a few florals to give a pop of color.

Richards pointed out that not all hues are helping your garden.

She advised against darker-colored flowers as they tend to repel pollinators.

Richards advised using gravel around the space to give it a more elevated look.


Richards said that an extra coat of paint could help bring an outdoor space back to life.

“Whether you’re adding a fresh lick of paint to upgrade a weathered look or you fancy a new color to reflect the summer months ahead, paint is one of the most effective ways to completely transform a space,” she said.

“Before you decide on a color, think about what mood you are aiming to achieve first.

“For instance, if you want to create a calming zone for reading and gardening, or instead a social hub fit for hosting friends and family, you can tailor your color scheme to suit.

“As a general rule for this time of year, you can’t go wrong with colors like royal blue, pale green and sunshine yellow as these are ideal for reflecting the spring/summer months.

“Also, these pops of color can look particularly striking when the natural light hits against it.

“If you’re wanting your garden to feel bigger, opt for off-white or neutral tones to give the illusion of the space opening out more.

“Where possible, avoid using ‘brilliant’ white as this can often appear quite stark and create harsh lines for the eye.”


The pro added that a backyard requires some maintenance to stay looking fresh.

She recommended looking into artificial grass to avoid the unpredictability of weather affecting natural grass.

The expert recommended a crucial step before embarking on the decorating journey.

She pointed out cleaning up the space first, keeping any unwanted debris away.

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