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‘Coucke & Vandenhaute decide on exit at Anderlecht’

After years of doom and gloom, Anderlecht finally seems to be competing for prizes again. The ever-critical Lotto Park is once again squealing with joy. Not least in the grandstand.

Owner Marc Coucke and chairman Wouter Vandenhaute have often been in trouble there in recent years. The former subsequently decided to no longer interfere in day-to-day policy, while Vandenhaute also stepped aside as ‘non-executive chairman’.

In recent years it has been regularly suggested that they could sell their shares in Purple-White. Something that Coucke always categorically denied. The businessman has already pumped a lot of money into the people of Brussels.

In terms of capital increases, the counter now stands at no less than 106 million, coupled with a 97 million euro loss over the last five financial years. Moreover, Coucke has already cleared a lot of debts, and he obviously does not want to just fade away without sporting success.

Now that the turnaround seems to have started, both sportingly and financially, he is not going anywhere, according to Wim Lagae. “Vandenhaute and Coucke have been deep, but Anderlecht’s income is increasing and things are also going a lot better in terms of sport.”

“They will now mainly want to enjoy the good times that are coming,” they say The newspapaer. The sports economist, who believes that Vandenhaute is doing a good job in the commercial field, estimates the future of the record champion to be rosy.


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