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Deolane com Cordao Foto: Deolane com cordao de Traficante

Let us check if the investigations could prove the influencer’s association with de Traficante after her social media post exposed Deolane com Cordao Foto.

Are Deolae’s cord pictures circulating widely over social media? The recent pictures that stunned many people from Brazil and other global regions were of Deolane Bezerra. The posted pictures featured Deolane with a lanyard that made the law enforcement officials investigate the case.

The posted pictures revealed Deolane’s association with a suspected individual, which made people spread Deolane’s pictures through social media. Learn some more truths shown in Deolane com Cordao Foto posted through this post below.

Deolane com Cordao Foto:

Deolane, the social media influencer, recently posted pictures and videos on her private Instagram profile early on Wednesday, February 14, 2024. The posted pictures featured a cordao (cord) gold chain supposedly belonging to Thiago da Silva Folly, a leader well-known in the favela for trafficking and substance abuse.

Thiago is popular as a justice fugitive and Third Pure Command or TCP one among the leaders. It led and instigated suspicion that Doelane was involved in substance abuse trafficking in Rio de Janeiro.

Deolane com Cordao Foto

Response after Deolane com cordao de Traficante:

The influence responded after experiencing repercussions through her private profile on social networking platforms. She accepted wearing the gold chain and wanted to address her more than 19.6 million followers on social media.

She added in her statement about her visit to Complexo da Maré’s Disney Mall, capturing a lot of photographs without the cord and wearing the gold chain, too. She also mentioned having beverages in the morning itself at ten before she left for the mall.

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Whose lanyard did Deolane wear?

The influencer clarified about Deolane com cordao de Traficante through a message from her social media account that she was given a cord at the mall and she did not buy anything. Deolane also said and persisted that it was later removed by the people who gave her to wear for a while.

The well-known influencer also insisted that she gave the lanyard (gold chain) back at the mall after clicking the pictures.

Did Deolane’s photos result in investigations?

The DRE’s head, Rodrigo Coelho, recently declared that the department wants to know about Deolane com Cordao Foto and the person who invited Deolane and if she carried the arms or was given VIP treatment. 

Deolane’s photographs on her profile wearing a gold chain and the statements made by the Narcotics Repression Department (DRE) incorporate the information into an open investigation concerning Trafficking in Persons (TCP).

The department wants to determine Deolane’s association with any gang or trafficking persons associated with substance abuse.

The latest development of Deolane’s photograph posting:

The sources indicate that the delegates will issue legalities and legal guidelines after they complete the investigation of Deolane com cordao de Traficante and her association with any gang leaders. The repercussions may vary from her illicit conduct imputation to criminal conspiracy.

Although Deolane is presently a witness, yet may be charged or investigated if found guilty. The influencer has responded to the repercussions yet is experiencing a police investigation.

The latest development of Deolane’s photograph posting

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DeolaneBezerra’s recent photographs wearing a gold chain posted on social media led her to police investigations. The influencer addressed the controversial happening yet faces investigation.

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