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Desperate taxi driver shoplifts to take care of bedridden wife

Desperate taxi driver shoplifts to take care of bedridden wifeLegacy

A taxi driver from Nonthaburi has been arrested for repeatedly stealing from a convenience store to care for his bedridden wife. The 53 year old man had committed 16 thefts over nearly a month, with a total stolen value of 4,444 baht.

Most of the stolen items included food, household goods, and adult diapers, with each theft amounting to no more than 500 baht per day.

The suspect was apprehended at his home in Nonthaburi by the officers from Bang Sri Mueang Police Station. At the time of his arrest, authorities found his 58 year old wife, a former hospital pensioner, bedridden and surrounded by numerous medications.

Their 28 year old daughter, who works at a convenience store, lives on the second floor of the house.

During a visit by the Police Oversight Committee Chairman, Chaimet Chaiyapatrakulpong, and the mayor of Bang Krang, Suwanna Losomboon, the daughter tearfully pleaded for her father’s bail.

She promised that the family would communicate more openly, addressing their issues to prevent further incidents.

Final visit

The police brought the suspect back to his home to collect evidence for the case. During this visit, he requested a moment to feed his wife and bid farewell to his family. He apologised for his actions before being taken back into custody.

The suspect admitted to the police that he stole to provide for his wife’s needs because he struggled to make ends meet.

He explained that his expenses were high, including medication and daily necessities, and his income from driving a taxi was insufficient due to the vehicle rental costs and lack of passengers.

He lamented that he had never resorted to such actions before and had no other options. In addition, he had to be home to care for his wife at specific times throughout the day.

The daughter, in tears, revealed that she earns 18,000 baht per month and covers household expenses such as rent, utilities, and food. Her financial burden has increased following her father’s arrest, facing threats of eviction.

Suwanna noted the severity of the situation, expressing surprise at the turn of events, as she had regularly visited the bedridden wife. She assured that the authorities are working on securing bail for the suspect while adhering to legal procedures.

She also promised to assist the family in finding a sustainable livelihood once the suspect is released and to continue supporting the wife’s medical needs through municipal and local health officers.

Understands the desperation

Chaimet highlighted the dual focus on the legal case and immediate assistance. He emphasised that the taxi driver was not being helped for his wrongdoing but acknowledged the economic hardship that led to his actions.

The authorities will provide legal aid and seek leniency in the court proceedings, while also aiming to offer the family long-term support and solutions.

He stressed that the suspect had no criminal history and that his actions were driven by desperation. Chaimet urged the public to seek help from local authorities in times of need, rather than resorting to illegal activities, reported Khaosod.

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