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Did 60-Year-Old Miss Argentina Beauty Pageant Win?

HOLR breaks down what happened to a 60-year-old Argentine woman who hoped to be the oldest Miss Universe.

Miss Argentina Beauty Pageant

Alejandra Marisa Rodríguez, 60, had hoped to become the oldest Miss Universe but did not win the Miss Argentina beauty pageant crown.

60 year old beauty contestant Argentina

At 60 years old, Rodgríguez was one of the oldest contestants among a younger crowd. According to this article, she ended up winning the title of “best face,” in the competition but did not take home the coveted crown.

60 year old beauty contestant

Having previously made waves back in April of this year after being crowned Miss Buenos Aires, Rodríguez unfortunately did not win Miss Argentina and will subsequently not be able to represent her country and compete for Miss Universe (here).

60 year old Miss Argentina

As this article goes on to note, Rodríguez told The Associated Press the below following the competition’s end:

“As a result of what happened to me, I believe a new door has opened for many people who perhaps did not have it easy. It was adventure and I had no expectations of this other than taking on a new challenge.”

Rodríguez has paved the way for others who aspire to be part of the widely recognized beauty pageant and has defied beauty standards with her confidence. Although she was not chosen to compete for Miss Universe, Rodríguez has made headlines for combatting ageism with her inspiring entry. As this article notes, until 2023, contestants had to be between 18 and 28. However, these rules changed in January of this year, in which there is now reportedly no upper age limit.

Who won Miss Argentina 2024?

Magali Benejam, 29, won Miss Argentina. She is an actress and model from Cordoba. It’s interesting to note that under the previous rules, Benejam would seemingly not have been able to compete as she is over the 28-year-old age limit.

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