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EastEnders reveals dark truth about Nish Panesar’s mystery illness after shock return

EASTENDERS has revealed the dark truth about Nish Panesar’s claims about dying.

The abuser – who is played by actor Navin Chowdhry in the BBC soap – made a bombshell return last night with the news that he is dying.


Nish Panesar is facing death – unless he can get a heart transplant[/caption]


Suki could barely contain her joy at Nish’s health woes[/caption]

However tonight the truth was revealed.

Nish was roundly rejected by his family who just didn’t believe a word he said.

But as they spoke Nish collapsed and was rushed to hospital.

There, Ravi summoned Suki who wasn’t thrilled about having to go to the hospital to deal with her abusive ex-husband.

“The good news is your heart rate has settled down and your blood pressure is much better,” the Doctor told Nish as Suki then asked if he was OK then.

However the doctor told her: “We are concerned that his breathlessness is worse than expected.

“We’d like to run some tests. Especially in light of your viral myocarditis.”

Stunned that Nish may have been telling the truth, Suki said: “What?!”

Nish then told her: “It’s like I said Suki. It’s my heart.”

He added: “I told you I was telling the truth. Hopefully I’ve got a while left. I just want to spend whatever time I have left with those I love.”

The doctor then returned with the results of Nish’s tests and it was bad news – for him anyway.

She told him: “The good news is that your oxygen levels have improved enough for you to go home. 

“But I’m afraid it’s looking likely your only option will be a transplant, so we’ll need to start that assessment process rolling. 

“I do have to warn you though, given the state of your health, the chances of finding a donor organ in time are slim.”

Nish looked devastated and said: “But you said I had years left. I’m supposed to have years.”

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Meanwhile Suki could barely contain her glee at Nish’s misfortune and struggled to stop herself from breaking out into a grin.

But with Nish dying – will he find a transplant?

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