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Elise Finch Cause Of Death Know What Happened To Elise Finch?

Who Is Elise Finch? CBS New York meteorologist Elise Finch tragically passed away suddenly on July 16, at age 51, leaving behind memories filled with warm hearts, professionalism and infectious spirit that she will leave a gaping hole. Her death left viewers mourning across New York with memories of Elise’s vibrant personality and heartfelt broadcasts; all this while leaving Mount Vernon behind without their beloved Finch presence and broadcasts.

How Did the Community Honor Her?

Over 4,500 viewers tuned in livestreamed memorial services held at Macedonia Baptist Church in Mount Vernon to honor Finch. Over 800 condolences and celebrations of her life and legacy were shared online; her ability to connect people was clear from this outpouring of emotion and love that followed Finch into death.

What Makes Elise Finch Unique?

Elise Finch wasn’t just another face on TV screen; she was an invaluable mentor, friend and source of motivation. Finch’s life philosophy could best be captured with one quote shared at her funeral: “Life isn’t about waiting for storms to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. Her focus was always finding joy and beauty no matter the situation – an invaluable lesson which resonates today with so many.

How Did She Influence Her Field?

Finch was known for her passion and excellence in meteorology before joining CBS. Before that, she graced the screens of “Early Today Show,” MSNBC, and NBC Weather Plus bringing her expertise and love of meteorology to a wide audience. A proud alumni of Mount Vernon High School, Finch went on to pursue higher studies at Georgetown and Syracuse Universities honing both broadcast journalism skills as well as meteorology – receiving recognition from organizations including American Meteorological Society in recognition of her dedication.

Elise Finch leaves behind an incredible legacy of love, learning and an indefatigable dedication to sharing meteorological knowledge with her audience. Her approachable demeanor made her beloved figure; Finch is survived by daughter Grace Henriques (also of WCBS fame) as well as husband Graig Henriques who uphold her memory while staying true to the values that defined her.

How Will She Be Remembered?

Elise Finch has left an immense mark on everyone she touched through both personal and broadcast relationships alike, yet her legacy stands strong today – not only through weather forecasting services she offered but in her warmth and kindness that touched so many. Her legacy stands as an everlasting tribute to all those touched by her life.

Elise Finch will be greatly missed, yet her life and lessons remain an inspiration to us all. Her life exemplified the importance of connection, joy of living fully, and how one individual’s actions have an effectful ripple-through in communities across the country and beyond. Elise’s legacy will live on in hearts that she touched.

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