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Family of Two Review: Sharon Cuneta is Memorable in Emotional Drama

Director Nuel Crisostomo Naval
Writer Mel Mendoza-del Rosario
Cast Sharon Cuneta, Alden Richards, Miles Ocampo
Runtime 100 minutes
Native Title Family of Two (A Mother and Son Story)
Genre Drama
Platform Netflix

– No Spoilers –

Mateo and Maricar’s small family is full of happiness and warmth. However, Maricar, after being widowed 15 years ago, poured all her energy into her son and her love has given birth to her overprotectiveness. When Mateo falls in love with his coworker Czarina and plans to start his life, he tries to encourage his mother to find her own happiness. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done but through her own trials and tribulations, Maricar is able to find happiness in her own way.

a family of two review

There’s a weird sweetness to Family of Two (A Mother and Son Story), in spite of the rather problematic bonding between Mateo and Maricar. One would think that Maricar is the problem between the two with her overprotectiveness but Mateo isn’t far off either and is as involved in his mother’s life as she is in his. However, even then, there’s warmth and reliability in their interactions and decisions that feel like something we will do as well.

There are several moments where Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards’s chemistry comes out to give us a good time. The two totally feel like a mother and son duo, with both of their overprotective nature coming out in sweet ways. There are moments when they do feel like a true family, with their bickering as well as their sweet loveable moments that seal the deal on their characters. The writers have also given them a sweet character arc, wherein they both learn to let go and work on their own lives instead of stagnating in one place.

The movie tries its best not to be a surface-level exploration of this complicated dynamic that is a very common point in a lot of households. It’s a complicated situation that affects both the parents and the children and the movie takes an emotional and considerate look at the relationships and issues and presents them in a fun way that will be interesting for everyone to enjoy. There are humorous moments peppered in between and although they don’t always land, they are still light-hearted enough to not make things too overwhelming.

a family of two review

We also have Miles Ocampo, who plays Czarina, an ambitious but overall sweet woman who starts Matty’s journey to think more about himself and his life. Their relationship is the secondary part of the movie but is still given enough importance and although her character is clearly not a primary one, she still manages to leave an impression. However, personally, Sharon Cuneta is the only memorable cast in this movie and her portrayal of Maricar’s feelings is so genuine and sincere that it’s difficult not to feel for her at every turn.

Family of Two Review: Final Thoughts

Showcasing the heartbreak of setting your children free to explore the world and their lives, this emotional drama, although simple and straightforward, manages to steal our hearts and make us want to give our parents a hug. In spite of the great performances overall, Sharon Cuneta is the most memorable of the lot and leaves a lasting impression. Although there are some overdramatic and unnecessarily sappy moments, I found the movie to leave a sweet impression that reminds us of the love that our parents have for us in their hearts.

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