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FC Barcelona | Big Data places Barça as leader of the League

The lack of forcefulness in both areas is condemning Barça this season. With 14 days remaining in the domestic competition, the Blaugranas are ten points behind the leader, Real Madrid. This is reality, but the ‘Big Data’, taking into account the expected goals and points, ensures that the culés should be at the top of the table.

This is what Opta assures, through its Stats Perform statistics, if the theory had corresponded to reality. Expected goals, according to this metric, are measured in terms of the probability that a shot ends in a goal taking into account the quality of the chance; according to criteria such as the type of pass received, the shooting position… Based on them, it is possible to calculate the expected points.

According to Opta, the azulgranas should have received 3.23 fewer goals. On the other hand, Madrid and Girona should have conceded a minimum of ten more goals. On the offensive side, The team led by Xavi Hernández should have scored 4.4 more goalsa fact that places it as the 21st team in the five major leagues with the least effectiveness in front of goal.

Thus, Barça should add 50.65 points, for the 51 they have actually added. Same thing, wow. The difference lies not so much in their forecast as in that of their rivals, all of them above what was expected. Real Madrid, leader with 61 units, according to all these parameters analyzed, should add 49.67. Also Athletic, which instead of 46 points should have 44.58; Atlético de Madrid 43.79 and not 48; or Girona: 38.19 instead of 56.


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