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Fisherman swept away in Chiang Mai, search efforts intensify

Fisherman swept away in Chiang Mai, search efforts intensifyLegacy

Search efforts continue for a missing fisherman swept away by heavy waves while fishing in Chiang Mai. Relatives conducted a ceremony to appease local spirits as authorities were using heavy machinery to excavate potential burial sites, and divers searched the river.

The 35 year old fisherman had gone fishing with 46 year old Piboon Sujai, and other friends at a weir during a period of heavy water flow from the Mae Klang River.

While fishing, Piboon slipped and fell into the weir, disappearing before his friends’ eyes. They immediately notified authorities. Rescue teams, including divers from Region 5 and several other rescue units, searched throughout last night. Despite their efforts, they did not locate him.

The search for Piboon continued this morning, when the water level had receded, allowing relatives to perform a spiritual ceremony to seek clearance from local spirits to find Piboon.

Search teams lined up and combed through the area, starting from the downstream end of the weir. They found Piboon’s fishing net tangled in bamboo, about 500 metres from the incident site.

The search extended up to 3 kilometres downstream to shallow water areas but the divers did not find his body.

The rescue teams continued their search by using a backhoe to dig through sand and mud where they suspected Piboon might be buried after being swept away by the strong current.

Divers and rescue teams are determined to leave no stone unturned. They meticulously examined every nook and cranny, hoping to uncover clues that might lead them to Piboon.

The collaborative effort exemplified the community’s dedication and resilience in the face of adversity. Each member of the search team worked tirelessly, driven by the hope of bringing Piboon back to his family, reported Khaosod.

This tragic incident underscores the dangers posed by natural water bodies, especially during periods of high water flow. It also showcases the importance of community and coordinated rescue efforts in addressing such emergencies.

The search for Piboon continues with unwavering determination, as authorities and community members rally together in this challenging time.

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