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Former teacher arrested on forgery and trespassing charges

Former teacher arrested on forgery and trespassing chargesLegacy

An 81 year old former teacher from a renowned school was apprehended yesterday at 6pm in Bangkok under multiple arrest warrants for document forgery and nighttime trespassing.

The arrest, led by the Child and Women Welfare Division, culminated in the detainee being handed over to the investigative officers at Thung Song Hong Police Station for legal proceedings.

The police operation was commanded by Police Colonel Santikorn Krasem, along with his deputies Police Lieutenant Colonel Waraprat Vuthirak and Police Lieutenant Colonel Piyarach Vessakosol. The arrest of Yada (surname withheld) took place at her residence in the Wong Sawang area, Bangkok, where she was found to have five outstanding warrants.

Saranya Uppapattasan aka Khun Gai, the foster daughter of Yada, revealed that she was released in December last year, after being acquitted of all charges filed by her mother, Yada, alleging embezzlement. Saranya had previously settled her legal issues with the Central Investigation Bureau and had divorced her husband Surachai, a real estate businessman, who agreed to a 10 million baht settlement, reported KhaoSod.

Currently single, Saranya expressed no desire to remarry and intends to lead a quiet life, with the possibility of holding a formal press conference in the future.

In related news, the arrest of three police officers and a civilian is on the horizon as warrants have been sanctioned about allegations of money laundering tied to an illicit online gambling network. A high-ranking police officer has also been issued a summons in connection with the same case.

In other news, a sensational lottery scandal in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province ended with the sentencing of a 56 year old local Buddhist teacher, on March 19. The Kanchanaburi Provincial Court handed down a two-year incarceration sentence for falsely accusing a 68 year old retired law enforcement officer of the theft of lottery tickets that won a 30 million baht prize in 2017.

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