free hit counter code Four great Porsches you can buy for under £12,000 – including modern classic sports car that’s ‘looking better with age’ –

Four great Porsches you can buy for under £12,000 – including modern classic sports car that’s ‘looking better with age’

A CAR expert has shared four great Porsches you can buy for less than £12,000 – including a “modern classic” sports car.

With models from the German brand costing anywhere between £50,000 and £90,000 on average, these under-appreciated icons are “insanely cheap” in comparison.


Car expert Jonny Brighton shared four Porsches you can buy for under £12,000[/caption]

Jonny Brighton, who runs Cars With JB, posted a video on his YouTube channel running petrolheads through some of the best deals you can get from the Porsche lineup.

He said: “Porsche is one of the most popular car brands right now.

“But they are typically pretty expensive.

“[These four] are insanely cheap compared to all the rest…it’s as simple as that.”

924 S


Porsche 924 S[/caption]

This model was the first mass-market Porsche to be offered as rear-wheel drive with the engine in the front.

Cars from the brand had always traditionally used a rear-engined setup, most notably in the iconic 911 range.

Not only that, but it was also the first to have an automatic gearbox as standard when it debuted in 1984.

Jonny added: “It’s by no means quick, but you’re not buying this for performance.

“It’s a classic Porsche so buy it as a classic car.”

It’s also one of the cheapest cars on the list, with Jonny managing to find a 1994 model for £3,500.



Porsche 928[/caption]

According to Jonny, there was a time in the ’90s when the 928 almost killed off the 911 as the latter’s sales struggled amid constant design tinkering.

Ultimately, though, the model didn’t endure to the same extent as the brand’s flagship car.

The bright side of this, though, is that you can now pick up something widely regarded to rival the 911 for a fraction of the price.

High mileage versions just sneak into our budget at around £11,900 but a 928 in top-notch condition will still only set you back £15,000 second-hand.

They’re an absolute bargain right now

Jonny BrightonCars With JB

986 Boxster


Porsche 986 Boxster[/caption]

Initially only available as a convertible, the 986 Boxster added a hard top variant a few years after release and remained in the Porsche range until 2004.

The model was named a “modern classic” by motoring expert James Rusell, though he admitted a preference for the newer 987 model.

And Jonny seemed to agree, saying that the Boxster is “looking better with age”, despite some design tweaks drawing the ire of “Porsche purists” when it was unveiled.

They can cost as little as £3,175 “at the bottom end”, while the £12,000 budget will still give you the souped-up S variant.

911 996 Carrera

Porsche 911 996 Carrera

We couldn’t really get through a list of great Porsches without at least one 911 sneaking on.

Coming from that ’90s-era range that saw consistent minor changes to the design, the 996 Carrera still has the model’s beloved shape and is largely the same under the bonnet as other more popular versions.

Jonny explained: “Every other older generation 911 has increased significantly in price.

“But the 996 still lags behind as the cheapest by far.

“To be fair they’ve only just been labelled a Porsche classic car.

“But still they’re an absolute bargain right now.”

And you can get a convertible version from 1996 for around £10,450.

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