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Gerard Joseph MacNeil Obituary Know What Happened To Gerard Joseph MacNeil?

Gerard’s death has created an irreparable hole in our hearts and in those he touched. Well-loved by family and friends alike, his life exemplified how each individual can have such an enormous influence in people’s lives – both his impact on others as an impactful family member as well as treasured friend. Today we gather here in memory of him and celebrate what will always remain – memories.

Who Was Gerard?

Gerard began his professional life working for IGA and later Irving supermarket chains, showing strong work ethics and devotion in each position he held. Yet it was his caring role as caregiver to Esther MacNeil during her final months that truly showcased Gerard’s compassionate nature; laughter being one of his hallmarks even during trying times was one of Gerard’s endearing traits.

Who Are Gerard’s Remaining Family Members?

Its Gerard will be greatly missed by his son, Brett James Ernest Gillis from Charlottetown, PEI; as well as by his children: Donald MacNeil of Dartmouth with Sue; his brothers Donald MacNeil (Sue), Mark MacNeil (Rose), Houston Texas’ Mark and Patrick (Kathy); Jane MacNeil of Calgary Alberta, Catherine (Nathalie) MacNeil from Spry Bay Nova Scotia as well as Theresa MacNeil of Thunder Bay ON; nieces and nephews Emily Laura Erin Ryan Matthew Stephen Christopher and Ali will miss his presence greatly as will Emily Laura Laura Erin Ryan Ryan Matt and Ali all share in mourning their beloved Uncle’s memory as much as everyone does his beloved presence dearly as well!

How Will Gerard Be Remembered?

Gerard will be remembered not only for his sense of humor and kindness but also the love and care he showed his family and friends. His ability to light up a room with laughter as well as provide unfaltering support to his loved ones will always be treasured memories for everyone who knew him.

What Are My Visitation Arrangements for Gerard?

His visitation will take place on Saturday, December 10th between 1-3 pm at A.L. Mattatall Funeral Home (217 Portland Street in Dartmouth). Family and friends can come together in memory of Gerard as we come together as one to remember him fondly while also honoring and remembering his life.

How Do We Remember Gerard?

In lieu of flowers, his family has requested that donations to any cause you care about be made in his memory instead. This gesture embodies Gerard’s charitable nature and desire to have an effectful impact in other’s lives.

Gerard’s passing leaves an immeasurable hole, yet his legacy of kindness, caring and laughter will live on in those fortunate enough to know him. We honor Gerard by adopting some of his qualities he embodied and continuing his efforts at making the world better through positive action he inspired others with. Farewell Gerard! Your spirit will continue providing inspiration and comfort.

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