free hit counter code ‘He didn’t just say that!’ gasp BGT fans as Bruno Tonioli makes awful blunder live on semi-final –

‘He didn’t just say that!’ gasp BGT fans as Bruno Tonioli makes awful blunder live on semi-final

BRITAIN’S Got Talent judge Bruno Tonioli left audiences gasping last night as he made a shocking blunder on live TV.

The Italian judge, 68, was struggling to chose between Haribow and Ravi’s Dream Team when hosts Ant and Dec pushed him to make a decision about which to send home.


Bruno Tonioli came under fire for his choice of words during the second live show[/caption]


Ant and Dec pushed Bruno for a decision[/caption]

While Jack Rhodes, left, went through, the judges had to pick between Haribow and Ravi’s Dream Team

Magician Jack Rhodes got the most viewer votes in the second semi final, sending him automatically to Sunday’s grand final, but it was left to the panel to pick between the Japanese double-dutch act, and the kids’ choir.

Bruno was first up to make a decision and stressed how it was an “impossible” one.

He said: “I mean this is an impossible decision because they were amazing, both of them in their own right. Completely different. It’s an impossible choice, it’s Sophie Choice.”

But while he eventually picked to save Haribow, viewers were left stunned when he referred to the decision as “Sophie’s choice.”

Sophie’s Choice refers to a 1982 film starring Meryl Streep in which her character much choose which of her children to send to the gas chamber during the Holocaust.

Reacting to his poor choice of words, one wrote on X, formerly twitter: “Oh f*** me!”

A second added: Did Bruno really just compare picking between 2 acts on #BritainsGotTalent to being like Sophie’s Choice?

A third replied: You just helped to confirm that I did actually hear him say that

A fourth echoed the sentiment, chiming in: Did @BrunoTonioli really just describe his decision in #bgt as “Sophie’s Choice?!”

Eventually the decision ending up going to the public vote anyway as the judges were stuck in a deadlock.

Alesha Dixon voted to keep Ravi’s Dream Team, who earnt her Golden Buzzer during their audition.

Amanda Holden‘s pick was Haribow, while Simon Cowell chose Ravi’s Dream Team like Alesha.

In the end, the act that scored the most votes with the public was Haribow.

But again viewers slammed ITV as upsetting scenes were broadcast that showed a little girl from Ravi’s choir crying on stage as Haribow celebrated going through.


The judges sent the decision to deadlock and the public vote[/caption]


Fans were unimpressed to see a little girl crying on live TV[/caption]

She had to be held and consoled by the man standing next to her.

Little kids crying on prime time tv, good old ITV.” one ranted on social media.

A second vented: “Well awkward moment when #haribow over celebrated with children crying literally few feet away from that. Doesnt sit well.”

“Poor kids crying. What a shame,” said an unimpressed third.

Another was unsure whether she was crying out of disappointment or simply finding it hard to deal with the noise, asking: “Was the little girl crying or was it too loud for her?”

Meanwhile a fifth questioned: “See this is why you don’t put kids on the live show… can’t handle bad news and now the little girl is crying.”

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