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High-paying remote work jobs fading fast: Study

(NewsNation) — Loving that remote job? Employees hoping for a raise might want to reconsider working from home.

A new study by job-seeking website Ladders found that high-paying remote jobs fell nearly 60% over the past year, while hybrid job availability fell 95%.

Higher-paying jobs require more commitment from their employees, including showing up to the office daily. Companies have found it is better for their bottom line to have workers in the office versus working from home.

Return-to-office requirements

CITI, HSBC and Barclays banks are now among those companies requiring employees to return to the office five days a week, according to a Bloomberg report.

Plus, a survey by Resume Builder found that 90% of companies out of the 1,000 surveyed said they expect a full five-day week return to the office by the end of this year.

For those looking to make $250,000 or more annually, only 4% of those jobs are available for remote work. A year ago, it was 10%.

Remote workers make less money: Data

Remote jobs still exist, but many companies that allow employees to work from home are likely to pay less.

James Terry, a hiring expert from Indeed Flex, told NewsNation that moving up the career ladder is tied to in-office employment.

“A lot of businesses and organizations I’ve spoken with have actually really wrestled with the idea of promotions and growth within organizations, and do people who work fully remote have the same, truly the same type of opportunities for career advancement as those that work in the office,” Terry said.

Even Zoom, the company that made work from home a possibility during the COVID-19 pandemic, is now demanding its employees return to the office at least twice a week.

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