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How To Read Maxton Hall English Book

Amazon Prime Maxton Hall English Book

Mona Kasten’s “Save Me,” the first installment in her Maxton Hall series, has captivated readers with its compelling blend of romance, drama, and personal growth. Maxton Hall on Prime, continues to climb in popularity among viewers and fans are now on the hunt for the English version of the book. While Mona Kasten has not had the book translated, she did say that maybe now an English publisher will pick up the series due to its popularity on Prime. The show was the most watched “International’ show of all time on the streaming platform since its release.

Do Ruby and James End Up Together Maxton Hall

Maxton Hall English Books Translation

But if you don’t want to wait for a publisher to officially translate the books to English, there is a way to read them now. You can read Maxton Hall aka Save Me and the subsequent 2 books, on Kindle by using the translate feature. Simply highlight the text in the German version of the book and you will see a translate window pop up that translates the book from German to English. While yes, it does take a little more time to read the book this way, the translation is fairly decent and captures the essence of the characters and the book. The translate feature is able to translate one page at a time for now. There are also PDF translations floating around on Reddit but we have not verified the accuracy of those.

If you are wondering if Ruby and James end up together in the books, please scroll to the bottom of the article. Please note is it a spoiler so if you would rather wait for season 2 of Maxton Hall or to read the books yourself then don’t scroll down to the last paragraph.

When Will Maxton Hall Season Two Be Released

On May 17th, Prime confirmed that Maxton Hall has been released for a second season. Prime typically releases popular shows annually, so based on past trends, it is possible that Maxton Hall Season 2 release date will come some time in Summer 2025. “Save Me” introduces us to Ruby Bell and James Beaufort, two characters from different worlds who find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. Ruby, a scholarship student at the prestigious Maxton Hall, is focused on her academic future, while James, the wealthy and popular son of the school’s headmaster, lives a life of privilege and expectation. It is a bingewrothy show for anyone who is into Romance and teen drama’s.

Do Ruby and James Maxton Hall End Up Together In the Books?

Spoiler alert! Please stop reading if you don’t want to know how the books end. Do Ruby and James Beaufort end up together at the end of the ‘Save Me’ book series by Mona Kasten? Yes, Ruby and James do end up together by the end of the third book, “Save Us.” Throughout the series, they face numerous challenges and obstacles, both individually and as a couple. Their journey is marked by personal growth, overcoming misunderstandings, and learning to trust and support each other. By the conclusion of “Save Us,” Ruby and James have navigated through their trials and solidified their relationship, finding happiness together.

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