free hit counter code I found the nicest bag ever in Primark – no wonder it’s going viral, 90s fans are going to love it –

I found the nicest bag ever in Primark – no wonder it’s going viral, 90s fans are going to love it

A SELF-PROFESSED Primark addict insists she’s found the “nicest bag ever” in store – and you’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on it.

Carla Kent, 27, regularly delights her 48,000 TikTok followers (@carlakentx) with her clothing hauls and shopping sprees.


Primark shoppers are going wild for their viral £16 bag[/caption]


Carla Kent spotted it in store in a new pattern[/caption]


Carla insists the leopard print beaded number is the ‘nicest bag’ Primark have released[/caption]

And the makeup artist, from Glasgow, enjoys a good rummage around the bargain high street store in particular.

She said: “There’s nothing I love more than walking about Primark for hours and looking through every single rail and finding goodies.”

During a recent trip to her favourite haunt, Carla spotted a stunning £16 buy in the handbag section.

She said: “I found the nicest bag in Primark”.

Carla, who you may recognise from BBC reality show The Agency: Unfiltered, later hailed it as the store’s “viral bag”.

Another shopper said: “I’m obsessed with it.”

Meanwhile a third insisted: “I need this.”

The piece in question is a 90s shoulder bag with a leopard print beaded design.

The fierce animal print left its mark on 90s fashion and was everywhere – from hats and coats to mini dresses and trousers. 

So the print and style are both ticking the boxes for shoppers wanting a nostalgic accessory.

Primark bosses say: “Add some pizzazz to your accessories collection with our beaded handbags!”

The £16 number is also available in a cherry print and a blue and white pattern.

Unfortunately, the leopard print option isn’t currently available on the website for click and collect so you’ll need to chance your luck in your local store.

While some people insisted that the £16 price tag is too high for a Primark bag, others disagreed – sparking something of a debate in the comments section.

“It’s far too cheap for the level of detail!” one argued.

“This is a steal! It’s the same quality as the Zara and Anthropologie ones.”

“It really is!!” another agreed.

“I have a silver Anthropologie one that was £89, this looks fab!”

“Pretty sure someone had to hand-bead anything beaded so imagine how much they got paid to do that,” someone else said.

“It’s deffo still cheap!”

If this has inspired you to dash to your nearest Primark, you may also want to keep an eye out for £6 skirts hailed as “perfect for summer”.

“Aww the skirts are cute”, gushed one shopper.

While a second wrote: “The strawberry skirt!! We will hunt for them both on Wednesday!”

And even staff have admitted the cute mini skirts are “an absolute steal”.

A Primark worker has also tipped this £12 dress to be a “summer must-have”.

Why is Primark the place to go to for bargains?

JUST how does Primark do it? Continue delivering on-trend items at such incredible prices? According to bosses, it’s down to four points.

  • They “sell a lot of items” – Thanks to that, they are able to make savings by buying in bulk for their 191 UK stores
  • They “do very little advertising”
  • While their clothes offer the “latest trends”, they “don’t use expensive hangers, tags or labels”.
  • And lastly, they try to be “as efficient as possible when transporting products from factories to stores”. This includes things like asking “suppliers to pack our t-shirts so they are ready to go straight on shelf”.

For more information about how Primark keeps their costs so low, and are able to deliver such amazing bargains, visit the Primark website. 

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