free hit counter code I had to rip my new Shein purse apart when my card got stuck in it – I was stunned when I realised what it was made from –

I had to rip my new Shein purse apart when my card got stuck in it – I was stunned when I realised what it was made from

A SHEIN shopper was left gobsmacked after realising what their purse had allegedly been made from.

The TikTok user only known as @emperkyxxxx claimed to have made the discovery after ripping the Shein purchase apart.

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The shopper had to resort to such drastic measures after their card got stuck in the accessory[/caption]

Scroll down to see the shocking moment the fashionista found out what the purse had allegedly been made from

The online shopper had to take such drastic measures after their card had got stuck inside the black purse they’d reportedly got from the fast fashion giant.

Once the person had removed some of the inner lining of the crocodile print accessory, they saw that the mini purse had been made out of a testing kit for COVID.

The shocking discovery has since taken the social media platform by storm, where @emperkyxxxx admitted that they were left stunned.

In the now-viral video, which has been viewed more than a staggering 1.2million times in just one day, the fashionista shared the major shock.

”POV: Your card gets stuck in the purse you bought from Shein, so you have to rip it apart and you find out it’s made out of a COVID testing kit box.”

The bright orange packaging revealed that the kit contained two self-tests to perform at home, providing results in minutes.

The unusual finding, the shopper added, had caught them ”off guard” – but the fashionista went on to praise the China-based brand for ”recycling” old materials.

Soon, dozens of TikTok user raced to comments to share their thoughts – and @emperkyxxxx is not the only one to have made such a discovery.

After ripping their purse apart, one person found out that their Shein purchase had allegedly been made of a Hepatitis B test.

💀💀,” the fellow fashionista named Hana wrote in the caption of her clip.

The incident has left people in hysterics, with one writing: ”Recycle queen Shein.”

Another chimed in: ”And they say SHEIN is polluting.”

”I mean…It’s Shein, what did you expect,” someone else wondered.

”My grandma gifted this too me for Christmas,” wrote another person who was left horrified.

The Sun have contacted Shein for a comment.

What is Shein and is it legit?

Shein is an online-only fast-fashion retailer, based out of China, that has become a number one shopping destination for many around the world.

The company was valued at $66billion in 2023, dwarfing that of popular high street brands Zara and H&M.

The fashion retailer was founded in late 2008, by entrepreneur and marketing specialist Xu Yangtian, also known as Chris Xu.

Shein is a legitimate selling website and is not a phishing scam.

But you may receive a disappointing order or run into shipping issues if you order from the site, according to reviews.

There have been swathes of quality complaints, which makes sense when looking at the price tag.

Recently, the fast fashion company, which was valued an astronomical $66billion in 2023, caused fury amongst parents over their latest baby garments, including padded bikinis and leather crop tops.

“Extremely questionable,” is how one mum-of-one, Jamie, felt about the collection in her video,

“If I said these were all clothes for a grown woman, I bet you wouldn’t second guess me.

“Who in their right mind thought to list this as a piece of baby clothing?” she said, showcasing the range, which also included mini dresses and ruched skirts.


I had to rip my new Shein purse apart when my card got stuck in it – I was stunned when I realised what it was made from,[/caption]

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