free hit counter code I live in a 100-year-old tiny home – messes pile up quickly, I’m a bit of a slob so it is easy to destroy my house –

I live in a 100-year-old tiny home – messes pile up quickly, I’m a bit of a slob so it is easy to destroy my house

A TINY homeowner has shared their unconventional living experience.

While there are many pros, such as living in their dream neighborhood, there are also many cons.


A Redditor detailed what it’s like living in a 400 square-foot home (Stock photo)[/caption]

Redditor Atomic_Cow shared their detailed tiny home lifestyle in a viral post.

Their 100-year-old tiny home comprises 400 square feet and is on a raised foundation in the middle of other tiny homes.

“We have lived here coming up on two years. Our lot size is around 2,100 square feet, and we have a 1-car detached garage, a covered patio we made into a catio, a driveway, and a small back yard,” they said.

The tiny home includes one bedroom, one bath, a living roo,m, and a kitchen for a couple, two cats, and two dogs.

“I love owning a home, where I’m at I am lucky to get into my beautiful neighborhood at the price I paid. I always had dreamed of having a tiny home so our home was an amazing find for us!” they said.

“My ideal home in my head was a tiny home plus a converted container that was made into office space. That’s basically what I got with my house, just in a different form.”

Their first year living in the home introduced them to a few difficulties, such as lack of temperature control.

“It was extremely cold in the winter, felt like 10 degrees colder than outside. In the summer it was hot. The windows leaked a lot of air so fixing that helped a lot,” they said.

“There is no central air or heating so window AC and electric heaters is what we used.”

Other negatives included not being able to host parties or have many people over due to the small space.

“When people come over even having two more people inside is too much for our living room,” they said.

“Someone has to sit on the floor or get a chair out. When people stay over, you’re sharing the whole house with them as there is only one bathroom.

“It is really not a good home for entertaining people. You got to used space wisely for everything.”

The Redditor added that they have to be conservative with their appliances and mindful with what space they have.

I like being limited in what I can own, because personally I used to thrift a lot things I did’t need.

Redditor Atomic_Cow

“We do not have a dish washer as we need that space for cat potty and storage. When dishes are drying they take over the stove area so no cooking for a while after doing dishes,” they said.

“It is very easy to make things a mess as one pile of closes on the floor is a lot in a small house. I’m not a minimalist, and I’ll be real, I’m a bit of a slob so it is easy to destroy my house with just normal life.

“During Corona, it started to get old fast working from home in only 400 square feet, being stuck inside and not going out much. It was giving me cabin fever. Also the garage was not set up for working in, so in the first summer it was 91 [degrees] out there while I was working from home — not fun.

“Also no room for any work out equipment in the house so you are going to want a gym membership if you want a gym.”

While space efficiency can be a challenge, the Redditor added that their tiny home has afforded them other happinesses.

“I can plant a garden out front, I can drill holes in things, I can make improvements that make a difference,” they said.

“I love where I live, I can walk around in nature, look at other beautiful homes, make friends with my neighbors, walk down to the restaurants in my down town are.

“I don’t need much more space. Our house is cute on the outside. I don’t see the need for more space than what we have right now. If anything, I need to purge some more stuff out of my life.”

They also admitted that having to be mindful of space also helps them limit their shopping.

“I like being limited in what I can own, because personally I used to thrift a lot things I did’t need,” they said.

“Now when I buy something, I get the one thing I really want, that has a space set aside for it.

“With furniture I wait to find the exact thing I needed, and only get what would really fit into the space we have. So now I own less things but I love every thing that I own.”

The Redditor added that they got creative with their partner to create an additional workspace.

“We have a detached garage that we use as an office and that makes it work for us, as my hubby and I are gamers and need space for two desks,” they said.

“It has a couch setup for old consul gaming, two massive desks, washer dryer, a sink, our Corner bar, a large workbench/storage unit.

“If we did not have a garage, I would have to set up desks in the living room, and that would eliminate my couch inside.”

They’ve even managed to make their home cozy for their pet family of four.

“We also have a nice lot with a catio that is great to hang out in during the summer. I love the catio! So do the cats,” they said.

“Less bugs and I still get to enjoy the breez and the birds. We also have a storage shed for things like old paint, camping gear, holiday decorations. Having that is important to me as I like to put cute things out for holidays.”

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