free hit counter code I punched my sister’s boyfriend at her baby shower – she cried & sprayed us with a hose but that wasn’t the worst part –

I punched my sister’s boyfriend at her baby shower – she cried & sprayed us with a hose but that wasn’t the worst part

A BABY shower has gone wrong for one feisty family.

During the family-themed event, the sister punched the boyfriend of the expectant mother.


A Redditor has recounted how her sister’s baby shower went awry (stock photo)[/caption]

Redditor Pretty-detective-250, 31, laid out all the details in a post to the social media platform.

She said she went to her sister’s baby shower — which was planned by their mother — giving the mom-to-be the name “Emma” for privacy.

“Emma is pregnant with her first child and was glowing as the center of attention,” she said.

“However, her boyfriend/baby daddy “Kyle” was being a total jacka** the entire time.”


Emma’s boyfriend continued with the party faux pas and disrespect, sending the sister into a frenzy.

“Kyle showed up late, reeking of beer, and started hitting on/overtly flirting with several of the other female guests right in front of Emma,” she said.

“When she confronted him about his inappropriate behavior, he laughed it off and called her a ‘hormonal pregnant b****.’

“I could see Emma tearing up, but trying to keep it together.”

The sister decided that after one too many inappropriate comments, it was time to address Kyle head on.

“That was the final straw for me, so I grabbed Kyle and dragged him outside to have a word with him in private about respecting my sister,” she said.

“He responded by shoving me hard against the side of the house. That’s when I lost it,” she said.

“I punched him square in the face which set off an all-out brawl between us.

“Fists were flying and we were grappling on the ground, completely destroying mom’s garden and patio furniture in the process.

“The fight ended when Emma came out crying hysterically and sprayed us both with a hose to break it up.

“The shower was ruined.

“Emma went into early labor from the stress and had to go to the hospital, and my face was bruised.”


The sister said Emma and her mother thought the brawl was an overreaction, but Redditors disagreed.

“Good for you for standing up for your sister,” one said.

“It is a tough time, but Kyle sounds like a real a**. Neither your sister nor her child should have to deal with him.

“Their future together does not look great. You did the right thing in my view.”

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