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I’m a designer & there’s an interiors trend the Facebook mums love because it’s cheap but it makes your home look tacky

AN INTERIOR designer has revealed three things that make your home look cheap.

Jordan Samson shared his opinions via a video posted to his TikTok channel, which he often uses to share interior design tips and tricks.


Jordan shared three thinks he thinks make your home look cheap[/caption]


He is not a fan of short curtains[/caption]


He added that matching furniture sets look tacky[/caption]

The designer revealed that the first thing on his list of no no’s is matching furniture sets, which he said are “humanity’s biggest crime“.

Buying your furniture all in one set is likely to be cheaper than buying individual pieces, and is a lot easier than picking out individual products, however Jordan believes that furniture sets are not the way to go.

He said: “Curating different pieces might sound challenging, but I promise you your space will look well thought out”.

Next on Jordan’s list is upper kitchen cabinets which have an “awkward” space between them and the ceiling.

He said: “By closing this gap with a soffit or moulding, your kitchen will look super custom and bougie”.

Jordan added that another, more simple way of closing this gap is to fill it with books or houseplants.

Finally, Jordan said that curtains which are hung at the wrong height can make your home look cheap and tacky.

He explained that your curtains should be hung wide and high.

“This gives a lux look that makes your space feel larger”, he said.

He added that curtains definitely need to be touching the ground, as short curtains are tacky.

Jordan’s video, which was posted under the username @jordansamsondesign, has likely struck a chord with many people, as it has racked up over 1.7 million views on the video sharing platform.

TikTok users raced to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts, with many disagreeing with Jordan’s claims.

One person said: I love matching furniture and always will”.

Another person said: “20 years ago it was the exact opposite and in another 20 years these tips will be considered cheap.

2024’s Top Trending Colours for Interior Design

Homebase has revealed the official trending colours for this year.

To predict the top shades of 2024, sales data at Homebase analysed 5 colours that have surged in popularity with customers.

Copper, pink and black are predicted to be the hottest colours on Brit’s walls this year, while bathrooms are seeing a surprising rise in terracotta colour schemes.

The top five trending colours for 2024 are: 

  1. Copper (+57%) 
  2. Pink (+38%) 
  3. Black (+34%) 
  4. Green (+29%) 
  5. Orange (+27%)

Copper has replaced rose gold, whilst blush is the new magnolia, and Brits are also going bold by slapping black paint all over their walls. 

Green is always popular colour, but the shade ‘Fresh Herb’ – a versatile, pale grey-toned green – is hitting hundreds of customers baskets.

Meanwhile, terracotta is taking over with ‘Frosted Papaya’, a peachy orange shade dominating bathrooms.

“Just create a space you enjoy and feel comfortable in”.

A third person said: “I don’t want my curtains touching the ground, that’s a no for me.”

A fourth said: “I love matching furniture, unmatched looks to me like you bought it all in the sale and tried to make it work together”.

A fifth added: “My home looks cheap because I’m poor”.

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