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Is Kate Middleton Terminal? Claims Allege We Won’t See Her For The Rest Of The Year

Alleged claims suggest we might not see Kate Middleton for the remainder of the year as she undergoes cancer treatment. 

This TikTok video posted by user @butfirstcoffee3 alleges that a recent social media post claims Kate Middleton will not appear in public for the rest of the year.

It also alleges that she is being surrounded by her birth family.

This alleged social media post sparked widespread concern among internet users, who are worried about the Princess of Wales following the video clip she shared discussing her cancer diagnosis after undergoing major abdominal surgery earlier this year. Now, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims so right now it is all speculation as Middleton is expected to currently be recovering from her cancer treatments since there have been no major updates from the Royal Family regarding her health.

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This social media post, however, seems to contradict other news sources, such as this one, which claims that Middleton was recently spotted out with family. The Princess of Wales has stayed out of the public eye recently, canceling or postponing Royal events, in order to recover from cancer treatments.

There is no evidence to support claims that Middleton is terminal so this is all speculative rumors. She did not disclose this in the video discussing her cancer diagnosis. However, some Reddit users took to this thread to discuss the possibility of Middleton having a terminal cancer diagnosis in which maybe she is staying out of the public eye in order to spend time with family and friends. Check out some people’s opinions on why they think Middleton has stayed out of the public eye recently. In addition to the rumor that Middleton may allegedly be terminal, some people think that Middleton has been gone since December. Again- these are all speculative claims as there is no evidence to support these alleged rumors surorudning Middleton.

“No. She is gone since 12/28. Your theory is the story that the royal family is trying hard to sell us. Look at the hard cold facts. There has been no sign of life since Christmas sadly. We need to demand an investigation.”

“I would love to believe she is alive, but I can’t. If she were dying of an illness, there would be no need for all this subterfuge. The subterfuge is to hide whatever caused her demise on Dec 28. It was unexpected and devastating, which is why this feels so scrambled.”

“Then she herself would have made an announcement from her own account. Or addressed the rumors herself saying she was alright and not to worry. Organized one last press conference or speech before retreating. Also given the fact that she had to be in makeup, heels, and a dress hours after birth shows that her family doesn’t care too much about how uncomfortable she is.”

“If she had a terminal diagnosis, I think Kate would be more than aware of what was being said and roumered online, and for the sake of her children and her husband she would actually come out and speak about, even if she did not want to be a poster woman for whatever kind of cancer that she had.”

“I think she has a very serious, possibly terminal diagnosis. I believe it is something unseemly like bowel or rectal cancer. She may have a temporary or permanent stoma. I think that with Charles cancer, and people starting to tired of the anti-Harry/Meghan narrative, that the BRF is terrified of what it would mean for the firm’s stability to lose their most popular member at a critical time. They hoped to obscure everything but the cancer is worst than anticipated. Now they are trying to buy themselves time and/or a miracle while her health deteriorates. Neither she nor the palace want her to look or be seen while sick.”

What type of cancer does Kate Middleton have?

It is unclear what type of cancer Kate Middleton has.

What are your thoughts on the rumors surrounding Middleton? Since there have been no updates on her health from the Royal Family, as of right now Kate Middleton is recovering from cancer treatment. There is no concrete evidence to support alleged claims involving a terminal diagnosis, death, etc. 

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