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Jax Taylor New Girl Paige Woolen Pregnant Allegedly

Is Paige Woolen pregnant? Jax Taylor new girl drama is heating up.

Jax Taylor and Paige Woolen

Just a short period of time after Taylor was spotted with an alleged new girl, Woolen (Instagram model), claims are coming out that Woolen is allegedly pregnant.

“The drama is getting crazier,” says TikToker @staceyolivias in this video posted to the platform discussing the alleged claims surrounding Taylor and his new supposed girl. As the TikToker goes on to explain, Taylor’s alleged girlfriend, Paige, was celebrating Ariana’s brother’s birthday with him and had a “little” announcement to make in a viral video clip making its rounds online. Allegedly, Woolen claimed that she is “pregnant.”

The TikToker includes this viral video clip in the TikTok post, in which Taylor can be seen with his arms seemingly around Woolen. Woolen, who is holding a drink with one hand in which her other hand is seen close to her stomach, can be heard saying, “I’m pregnant” before the camera cuts away and the clip cuts out.

Is this a PR stunt? A joke? Is she trolling Taylor’s ex, Brittany Cartwright? These are the questions the TikToker asks in the video in reference to the viral clip.

Paige Woolen Pregnant 

There is no concrete evidence to support claims that Woolen is pregnant with Taylor’s child (or pregnant in general) as neither she nor Taylor have commented on the alleged announcement made in this viral video clip. This supposed claim also comes after the pair were spotted together grabbing a 3-hour lunch, sparking romance rumors. Taylor’s ex- Cartwright- also posted some cryptic posts on social media following footage of Taylor and Woolen going viral online.

What are your thoughts- could Woolen being pregnant be true?

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