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Love Island’s Harriett told ex ‘I love you’ after spending night with him just DAYS before show, claim friends

LOVE Island’s Harriett Blackmore had a boyfriend who she said “I love you” to just days before being announced as a contestant, friends claim.

Josh Curling, 25, only found out the dancer and personal shopper, 24, was going on in The Sun’s exclusive line-up reveal, with friends saying he was livid and hurt.

Love Island’s Harriett Blackmore with ex boyfriend Josh Curling

Harriett’s friends claim the contestant said ‘I love you’ to Josh days before going on the show[/caption]

Sources who know the couple said the self-styled “It” girl spent Friday night at his house, where she gave him a scrapbook of photos from their relationship together and told him: “I love you.”

It is understood she dumped him later that evening over text, telling him: “I need time to focus on myself and what I’m doing.” 

Her friends said she wanted to tell him that she was going on the show but never did. 

The couple broke up in January following a three-year relationship but are understood to have rekindled their romance in April.

Josh had a short fling with another girl when they were separated. 

A source said: “Josh had suspicions she was going on the show. She was going up to London and saying she was being interviewed for Pretty Little Thing

“He asked if she was going on but at the time she said she would never go on Love Island.

“Josh feels like he’s been led down a garden path. He was in love and during their relationship they were talking about moving out and getting married. 

“They had a good relationship but it fizzled out in January when they started arguing all the time.

“But they seemed to have been working on getting back to where they were.”

Harriet has taken the chance to respond to the claims before she struts into the villa this weekend. 

She said: “We kind of broke up out of the blue but we’ve remained in contact and, and I think we’ll always be friends, there’s no bad blood there.

“You know the ex-boyfriend’s always going to have a lot to say and even if it’s not the ex-boyfriend, one of his friends…. he’s not expecting me to be on TV, so he’s probably got a lot of emotions, he’s probably got a lot of feelings.

“But I’m just gonna clarify, we’ve had conversations and we remained in contact but yeah, for me, the relationship ended in January.”

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