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Luke Dzviti scams ZEP Zimbabweans in South Africa

“Luke Dzviti was appointed Zimbabwe Immigration (ZIF) Chairman upon expiry of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit in 2021,infact a few months before the expiry.

He then decided to form an investment arm of the ZIF but outside control of the organisation and it was named the Zimbabwe Migration Network Programme (ZMNP).

ZEP holders in the ZIF trusted him because of the work he was doing in the ZIF, of taking on the government of South Africa in court on their decision to terminate the ZEP. He was a hero they could trust.

Members started to contribute different amounts in investments and stokvel contributions from R2500 fixed annual contributions and R1000 monthly stokvel contributions to mature three times at end of year.

When the year ended at the end of 2023,members couldn’t receive what was due to them. Luke was giving excuse after excuse including that the money was being audited by an auditing firm that he couldn’t disclose. 

At one point he said he was on holiday in Zimbabwe, later Zambia. And when members became more restless, he claimed that he had moved to Canada, later saying he was in Canada for a visit. He however couldn’t prove that he was in Canada or even Zambia.

Members then decided to open a police case. They were led by an interim committee of the same organisation since members had decided Luke was no longer their leader.Case was opened at Sandton Police Station. Reference number is 286/2/2024.Case was opened on 11 February.

He has muted all ZMNP WhatsApp groups and removed all admins and is the only one who can post anything there, most of the time he posts long defending himself and attacking those questioning him. Personally I didn’t lose much since what I was supposed to lose I used to get to the UK.

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