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Mai Tt exposes Simba Chikanza

Socialite and comedian Mai Tt has exposed journalist Simba Chikanza’s efforts to push her to speak bad about ZANU PF.

Mai Tt shared screenshots of Chikanza’s chats pretending to be a detective.

Below is what she said:

In all your efforts Chikanza you where trying so hard to get information from me so hard to convince me to tell you I was assaulted by the Party . You kept pressing thinking I was going to say bad things about the party or say something illegal you failed. I only told you that it was patricia your girlfriend who was posting all these lies that I was beaten I even told you I reported her to the police and even gave up reference.

Everything I said to you is legal and is exactly wat I’m doing now . Nomatter how much you are trying to twist the story noone wanted to be killed no thugs were sent no was beaten . I did wat needs to be done so to hell with your stupid voicenotes and lies you were playing detective but sorry you did not get wat you where really looking for .
Enough of painting Zanu pf as murderers, enough of covering people who commit crime then you blame it on Zanu . Enough of you Simba. Enough.

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