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Major discount supermarket giving away free fruit every time you shop – how to get it

A MAJOR discount supermarket is giving away free fruit every time you shop in a bargain deal.

Lidl are offering an incredible deal to punters trying to save money on their weekly shop.


Lidl are offering free fruit to those who have the Lidl Plus app[/caption]

The bargain supermarket are giving away free fruit to those who spend at least 1p in the shop.

The only requirement is that you must also have the Lidl Plus app downloaded.

After paying a checkout, your app should come up with a ‘Spin the Wheel’ game to try.

Customers should then tap the screen to see which fruit they are able to win.

Winnings range from a five pack of bananas to a free Honeydew Melon.

You can then go back, pick up the item you won and check out again.

The deal is on until June 10 and is valid once per day.

Here is the full list of the fruit you can win:

  • One free Strawberries 400g
  • One free Honeydew Melon
  • One free Plums 400/500g
  • One free White Grapes 500g
  • One free Mixed Grapes 500g
  • One free Blueberries 150g
  • One free Raspberries 150g
  • One free Medium Oranges 5 Pack
  • One free Sweet Easy Peelers 600g
  • One free Funsize Easy Peelers 500g
  • One free Pineapple
  • One free Ripen at Home Loose Mango
  • One free Sweet Red Pointed Peppers 2 Pack
  • One free Unwaxed Lemons 4 Pack
  • One free Ready to Eat Medium Avocado
  • One free Ripen at Home Avocados 4 Pack
  • One free Bananas 5 Pack
  • One free Funsize Bananallamas 7 Pack
  • One free Red Chillies 60g
  • One free Mixed Chillies 65g
  • One free Grapefruit
  • One free Loose Red Pepper
  • One free Loose Lime

How to make savings on fruit and veg

Shoppers can bag themselves huge bundles of fruit and veg at a serious discount if they’re willing to take home “wonky” items.

Most major supermarkets sell misshapen fruit and veg for reduced prices – and in some cases you can get a box to feed the family that works out as just pennies per item.

The produce is still perfectly good to eat but may be close to its sell-by date or have marks or other imperfections that make it harder to sell.

Some supermarkets offer boxes of imperfect fresh produce, while others offer individual ranges of discounted fruit and veg.

As they are popular, they tend to be snapped up quickly and availability can be limited.

It could be worth calling ahead to your local store to see if they have any to save you a trip.

You can find your nearest branch using the store locator tool on each supermarkets’ website.

Lidl shoppers can bag a huge bargain on fruit and veg, with a 5kg box going for just £1.50.

The discount supermarket sells bundles of imperfect produce that would otherwise be thrown away as part of its Waste Not scheme.

Sainsbury’s also offers a box of fresh fruit and veg at a bargain price of £2 – and it could feed a family for four to five days.

The boxes include carefully picked fresh produce such as pears, onions, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Elsewhere, Morrisons doesn’t offer a specific box of discounted produce, but it does sell a wide range of “wonky” fruit and veg at discounted prices.

The supermarket said it no longer offers boxes because the waste was too high, but it is committed to offering wonky items individually.

The range is available all year round and is available online and in-store.

Aldi has teamed up with the app Too Good to Go to help customers get cheap deals at the end of the day, and you could get a variety of fruit or veg.

For £3.30 you can get a “surprise bag” of fresh food worth around £10 – but there are only a limited number each day.

Aldi says each bag is a surprise, but could contain fruit, veg, meat or dairy products.

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