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‘Mel’ questions Ramón Barrios’ initiative: “We don’t share it”

The former president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya Rosales (2006-2009), This Thursday he questioned the proposal of the deputy of Libertad y Refoundación (Libre), Ramon Barrios, about removing the Armed Forces as guarantor of alternation in the presidency of Honduras.

“I do not doubt the good intentions of Deputy Barrios and, although he has the powers, that initiative was not known to President Xiomara Castro,” wrote the former president of the Republic and husband of the current ruler.

Ramón Barrios presents a project to eliminate presidential alternation

The presidential advisor also added that the initiative was not known to the leadership of the Free Party either. In this sense, Zelaya Rosales stated: “We do not share it.”


Last Wednesday night, Congressman Ramón Barrios presented a bill aimed at reforming the Constitution of the Republic to eliminate the functions of the Armed Forces from ensuring compliance with the alternation of the Presidency.

With the reform, the legislator seeks a modification of the last paragraph of article 272, which establishes the expression and alternation of the exercise of the presidency. According to what was stated in the reform project, the path to presidential re-election would be left open in an attempt to consolidate absolute power.

They accuse Mario Segura of joining Libre

“Tonight I present a bill that consists of the following: In Chapter that empowers the Armed Forces “to alternate the exercise of the Presidency of the Republic,” explained the deputy in his “X” account.

He added: “Therefore, it should be read: the Armed Forces are established to defend the territorial integrity, the sovereignty of the Republic, maintain peace, the rule of the Constitution and the principles of free suffrage.”

Article 272 of the Constitution establishes that “instructions are given to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic, maintain peace, the rule of the Constitution, the principles of free suffrage and alternation in the exercise of the presidency of the Republic.”


1. Eduardo Facussé, president of the Cortés Chamber of Commerce and Industries:

“What is the purpose of this proposal? How will this proposal help solve the problems of poverty, lack of employment and investment and citizen insecurity facing our BE17579954? “They remain focused on political movements instead of how to move Honduras forward.”

2. Pedro Barquero, leader of the PSH and member of the BOC

“Three attacks against the form of government, the constitution and democracy by the Government of Honduras, as we have been warning, want a one-party socialist/communist dictatorship. The consequences of that: much more poverty and backwardness. “We are not going to allow it!”

3. Salvador Nasralla, president of the PSH and presidential appointee of the Government of Xiomara Castro

“Three actions, against the Constitution of Honduras to benefit the current executive branch, were undertaken by the Libre Party today, February 14, 2024:

1. Change the regulations of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice so that 5 people from Libre can modify the Constitution.

2. Prevent the Armed Forces from being able to ensure the transition and alternation in power, removing the tail from article 272 of the Constitution. This is how they intend to validate the prohibited re-election

3. Cancel the legal status of the opposition parties to remain as a single party. All of this weakens human rights and makes our justice system increasingly weaker as it is managed by the executive branch.”


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