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Moment Brits are targeted in Majorca road-rage ramming as furious local chases & slams into car amid anti-tourist fury

THIS is the horror moment Brits are targeted in Majorca by a furious local who chases and slams into their car.

The terrifying road-rage ramming happened near Palma airport as dramatic scenes caught on camera showed the victims’ car being forced off the motorway and on to the hard shoulder.

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This is the horrifying moment Brits were chased down and rammed by a dangerous driver in Majorca[/caption]

Credit: Pen News

Dramatic scenes caught on camera showed the victims’ car being forced off the motorway and on to the hard shoulder[/caption]

The passenger caught the moment the dangerous driver drove up next to them and flipped his middle finger
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The pursuit continued for another mile, with the attacker making “several reckless manoeuvres”, police said, before the Brits reversed up an on-ramp in a desperate bid to escape.

But the dangerous driver followed them still, ramming into them before making off.

The incident took place on April 19 and comes amid a backlash against tourism on Majorca.

In footage of the attack taken by the front passenger, the occupants of the car can be heard screaming as they try to remember the Spanish emergency number.

The attacker then rams them, drawing level and flipping them his middle finger.

The two drivers are believed to have had an argument minutes before at the Son Oms industrial estate, according to a statement from the Guardia Civil.

The site neighbours Palma de Mallorca Airport and has a multitude of car rental firms.

The statement continued: “The victim stopped the vehicle at one of the entrances to the highway, reversing, to escape from the other driver.

“At that moment the vehicle that was pursuing him also reversed until it crashed intentionally, causing numerous damages to both vehicles.

“After a complaint was received… the agents located the driver, who is being investigated for the crime of reckless driving, and another for damages.”

The motivation for the attack remains unclear.

Mallorca’s anti-tourism movement is thought to have been spurred on by high property prices on the island, with owners preferring to cash in on the holiday rental market.

At the weekend, an estimated 15,000 locals joined a protest snaking through the streets of Palma, reportedly chanting “tourists go home” and booing foreign visitors.

Property prices on the island have more than doubled in the past ten years, according to the Majorca Daily Bulletin, with the average property price on the Balearics now €308,000 (£262,000).

Furious locals at a Menorca holiday hotspot have already closed off their streets to keep tourists out in the latest blow against holidaymakers.

The 195 homeowners of Binibeca Vell, dubbed the “Mykonos of Spain”, don’t want any visitors before 11am and after 8pm as protests erupt across neighbouring Majorca and Ibiza.

Last week, plans to blockade Majorca’s busy international airport as part of a mass anti-tourism protest were slammed by local politicians.

Anti-tourism zealots are expected to run rife across the Spanish hotspot island this summer despite being slammed by the region’s lead political party.

Anti-tourist measures sweeping hotspots

A WAVE of anti-tourist measures are being implemented across Europe to curb mass tourism in popular holiday hotspots.

Overcrowding has become the main problem in many sunny destinations, with authorities trying to find a solution to keep tourists and locals happy.

Officials have attempted to reduce the impact of holidaymakers by implementing additional taxes on tourists, or banning new hotels.

Earlier this year Venice became the first city in the world to charge an entry fee for holidaymakers after it started charging day-trippers €5 (£4.30) if visiting the historical Italian centre.

It was followed by an area in Barcelona which resorted to removing a well-used bus route from Apple and Google Maps to stop crowds of tourists from using the bus.

 Meanwhile, San Sebastián in the north of Spain, limited the maximum number of people on guided visits to 25 to avoid congestion, noise, nuisance and overcrowding.

The city has already banned the construction of new hotels.

The Spanish government has allowed restaurants to charge customers more for sitting in the shade in Andalucia.

Benidorm has introduced time restrictions, as swimming in the sea between midnight and 7am could cost a whopping £1,000.

The Canary Islands are also considering adopting measures to regulate the number of visitors – and charge tourists a daily tax.

Greece has already enforced a tourist tax during the high season (from March to October) with visitors expected to pay from €1 (£0.86) to €4 (£3.45) per night, depending on the booked accommodation.

Officials in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia want to introduce a fee for travellers to remind people to be courteous during their trips.

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Both vehicles suffered significant damage[/caption]

The dangerous driver attempted to overtake the car in order to get in front
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He then pulled over in front of them as the occupants inside the other car started screaming
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