free hit counter code ‘No gloves is wild,’ folk yell as woman, cleans ‘sickening’ kitchen of moth ridden abandoned home she’s buying for £85K –

‘No gloves is wild,’ folk yell as woman, cleans ‘sickening’ kitchen of moth ridden abandoned home she’s buying for £85K

A WOMAN who is in the process of buying her own home has shown the grim state it’s been left in after it was abandoned.

Lauren Elizabeth, from the UK, took to social media to show off what could be her first home.


Viewers were stunned to see Lauren and her mum clean the house with no gloves on[/caption]


The grim property had been abandoned for five years[/caption]

In the clip, she said: ” So I’m 22 and I’ve just put an offer on this property that’s been abandoned for 5 years.

“The offers just been accepted and I thought while I had the keys, I would do a bit of cleaning while I’m here.”

Despite not owning the house she was paying £85,000 for, Lauren was clearly eager to get it up to scratch so headed inside for an hour to do a tidy up.

I am not moving in when it looks like this.

Lauren Elizabeth

“The property isn’t actually mine yet, but the reason I can do this is because the owner’s a family friend who lives in a care home, so he doesn’t mind giving me the keys to get a head start on the cleaning,2 she said.

“Because I am not moving in when it looks like this.

“There’s literally bugs, mould, thousands of f***ing spiders and loads of damp.”

The abandoned kitchen had cobwebs all over the place, with mould and grease covering the surfaces.

Lauren used Cif cream cleaner to get rid of most of the grease and then went in with disinfectant to make sure it was squeaky clean.

After cleaning the windows and sink, she moved onto the kitchen countertops which was no easy task.

As it had been left sitting for five years, some of the cups and plates had stuck onto the countertops.


Lauren tackled the mess with these cleaning products[/caption]

Lauren fortunately had her mum with her to help her clean as she was terrified of moths.

Her mum was quick to get the stove top glistening and wipe off the countless dead moths on top for her daughter who hates the critters.

“The amount of cobwebs on this bench was sickening,” Lauren continued.

“The man who’s selling me this house is the nicest man in the entire world, not only did he sell me it for 45 grand cheaper, he also said I can keep everything in the property.”

Cleaning hacks and tips

Here are some tips to help you clean your home like a pro:

However, her mum drew the line at cleaning up the moths in the downstairs toilet.

“My mum then made me Hoover up all of the dead moths on the bathroom floor, so I was actually crying at this point,” she added.

“Let’s f***ing hope that the sale goes through, because I might have just wasted an entire hour of my life hoovering up moths and s**t,” she continued.

“But I have a good feeling about this, so I’m really, really excited.”

She then showed off the kitchen which looked much better that when she first walked in.

The clip has since gone viral on her TikTok account @laurenedenelizabeth with over 1.6 million views and 93k likes.

People were quick to take to the comments – some horrified that some of the clean was done without gloves.

One person wrote: “No gloves is wildddd.”

Another commented: “The fact that she cleaned around the microwave and kettle instead of moving them.”

Lauren replied: “I only had the keys for an hour! Don’t worry I will definitely be deep cleaning this.”

Others were quick to congratulate Lauren on her first home and couldn’t wait to see more of her cleaning videos.

“That was fab clean for only an hour. Can’t wait to see you do the rest of the house,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “I can’t wait for the cleaning videos.”

“This was the most satisfying cleaning video I’ve ever watched,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: “You did a great job in that short time. I’m sure you’re going to turn this house into your home in no time! Can’t wait to go along the journey with you! Congrats.”

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