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Noodle KO: Former Muay Thai boxer busted for drug trafficking

Noodle KO: Former Muay Thai boxer busted for drug traffickingLegacy

The Thai authorities apprehended a former Muay Thai boxer involved in drug trafficking at a noodle shop in Din Daeng, Bangkok. The suspect, identified as 21 year old Supakrit was found with a substantial amount of crystal methamphetamine and ketamine.

A police spokesperson revealed that the suspect was apprehended at a noodle shop in Din Daeng based on a tip-off from an informant, and later led the police to a rented room where a significant amount of drugs were discovered.

This morning, Police Major General Adthaporn Wongsiripreeda, leading the investigation team, along with other senior officers, successfully arrested Supakrit. The arrest was made following an investigation that led to a warrant issued on May 24 by the Criminal Court.

Supakrit faced charges of selling and possessing category one narcotics (crystal methamphetamine and Yaba) with intent to sell, causing widespread distribution among the public illegally.

The charges also included selling and possessing category two psychotropic substances (ketamine) without authorisation with intent to sell.

The arrest took place on May 27 at 4.50pm, when the Metropolitan Police Division 1’s investigation unit managed to track down and apprehend the suspect. The investigation was part of a broader effort to crack down on drug trafficking in the Din Daeng area.

The police’s success in this case led to the issuance of an additional arrest warrant for another drug dealer.

Upon arrival, officers identified a man matching the description in the arrest warrant. The officers identified themselves and presented the warrant to Supakrit, who confirmed his identity and acknowledged the charges.

During interrogation, Supakrit admitted to possessing more drugs hidden in a rented room. Police subsequently searched the location and uncovered 26.5 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine and 15.8 kilogrammes of ketamine.

Supakrit revealed that he had previously been a Muay Thai boxer. After retiring from boxing, he turned to cockfighting gambling and eventually started dealing drugs to finance his gambling activities.

Following the arrest, Supakrit and the seized narcotics were handed over to the Din Daeng Police Station for further legal proceedings, reported Khaosod.

The authorities stressed the importance of public cooperation in providing information that can lead to the arrest of drug traffickers. They reiterated their commitment to reducing the spread of illegal drugs and maintaining public safety.

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