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Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Recap and Review: Old Flames Reignite with a Kiss

Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Recap and Review: Sa-ra’s new client comes with troubles, but not for long as the Sa-Ki couple handle her in their way. Directed by Park Jin-suk, the drama stars Lee Ji-ah, Kang Ki-young, Kim Sun-young, Oh Min-suk, Lee Tae-goo, and Na Young-hee, alongside other cast members.

The Kdrama (끝내주는 해결사) tells the story of Kim Sa-ra who was once the daughter-in-law of the biggest law firm in South Korea, however, an unfair divorce leads her to become someone who helps others facing a similar situation. Helping her in this is Dong Ki-joon who was an excellent prosecutor but has now become her business partner and advisory lawyer. They now work together to solve unfair divorce cases, but will this partnership evolve into something else?

-Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Recap

Sa-ra wakes up on time and shouts out to Ki-joon who saves her immediately; elsewhere, Yul-seong returns when he sees the building burning from afar but turns back when he sees the two walk out together. The next day, Sa-ra thinks about what happened after the fire and relies on Ki-joon like in old times.

Meanwhile, Yul-seong is pressured to finish the divorce case as soon as possible while Hee-jin finds pictures of Yul-seong with Yu-mi on Ki-joon’s computer. She immediately informs Yul-seong about the same and tries to create a distance between himself and Ki-joon by going ahead with the divorce on Sa-ra’s terms.

Sa-ra is overjoyed with the news and Ki-joon takes the papers for Yul-seong to sign the next day. After what happened, he warns Yul-seong to stay away from Sa-ra and tells him that he will surely get back to Sa-ra. Elsewhere, Cha Hui-won rushes into Solution slaps Sa-ra and Ji-in for what they did and leaves with a warning to the two.

Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 6 still

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She then confronts Yul-seong about the same but he is not ready to listen to his mother’s plan for the the second time. The next day, Sa-ra gets a new case on her hands of a popular streamer, Choi La-hee, who wants to get a divorce on the basis that her disabled husband is a suspicious person who thinks that she is cheating on him.

Sa-ra is ready to take on the case, however, Ki-joon sees who the client is and is already on the verge of denying it. La-hee arrives at Solution and Sa-ra soon finds out that she had once dated Ki-joon. This makes her jealous, however, she tries to deny feelings this way. Later, she is ready to let go of this client but Ki-joon tells her that she doesn’t want anyone else getting into her private matters.

While looking into the case, the team notices that La-hee’s husband gets wounded quite often which makes them suspicious. Sa-ra and Ki-joon leave to meet him but when they ask him about the wounds, he tells them that it is his fault. Later, while leaving La-hee’s house they dash to her and she asks to talk to Ki-joon alone.

She tries to create misunderstandings between Sa-ra and Ki-joon, and it is soon revealed that she is doing this at Yul-seong’s command. Later, she tries to get Ki-joon drunk and the two are seen by Sa-ra who misunderstands the situation. However, Ki-joon pushes her out and she calls Yul-seong’s secretary during which Sa-ra overhears her conversation and understands what happened.

Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 6 still

However, having heard La-hee tell her that Ki-joon has another reason for coming to Solution, Sa-ra can’t help but think about the same. The next day, Sa-ra and Ki-joon rush into Yul-seong’s office and confront him about the same but do nothing as they know that he is in fear of something.

Later, Sa-ra and the team begin looking into ways they can get the couple to divorce as they are aware that there is something wrong with the husband’s wounds. Sa-ra and Ki-joon once again leave to meet La-hee’s husband, whom they find on the ground struggling to get back in his wheelchair.

They help him out and talk about the divorce, but he is not ready to reveal his wife’s true nature. Having understood that his faith in La-hee is not easy to change, they show him proof of what she has been doing behind his back. They see that La-hee holds bids to meet a fan on certain days and tries to win a bid by making the highest donation.

With Jang-mi’s help, they can secure the date and send Dae-ki for this. The talk between the two is recorded and La-hee’s husband understands that his wife was never faithful to him. However, he cannot bear to let his friends and family know about the pathetic life he has been living after getting married.

Sa-ra understands his point of view but tells him that being in this relationship will only harm him more. This makes him see the truth and Sa-ra makes a plan to find the best solution for this situation. On the couple’s third wedding anniversary, La-hee tells her husband to hold a party where she will create some drama to get 100,000 views on her channel.

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Sa-ra uses this day and makes La-hee’s drama a reality, however, when it is time for her husband to follow along with her plan, he disrupts it by asking for a divorce. This shatters La-hee’s pretense and she understands that this is Sa-ra’s doing. She holds a kettle with boiling water and heads towards her but Kang Bom stops her in the middle and handles her until the police arrive to arrest her for domestic violence.

Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 6 still

Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Ending

The party continues as the party changes from a wedding celebration to a divorce celebration. Soon, Sa-ra meets Ji-in who has begun a peaceful life and thanks Sa-ra for making this happen. She then hands over some files her father had hidden which were related to Yeong-sul and wishes Sa-ra good luck in getting her child back.

Meanwhile, Yul-seong celebrates a secret win when he gets closer to his dream project. However, news of La-hee’s divorce makes him realise that Sa-ra and Ki-joon are getting closer. He tries to fuel the fire by telling Sa-ra about Ki-joon’s hidden agenda, but she is not ready to listen to him.

She goes over the files given by Ji-in and finds information connected to Ki-joon. She later questions him and finds out that his reason for being in Solution is to solve Professor Seo’s case by getting information on Yul-seong through herself. This shocks her and she tells him to take all the answers he wants from her and leave Solution as soon as possible.

Ki-joon tries to tell her that this isn’t the case but she isn’t ready to listen. He chases her outside and Sa-ra suddenly spots Yul-seong’s car. She turns around and tells Ki-joon to not take her actions seriously before kissing him.

Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 6 still

Queen of Divorce Episode 6 Review

We are halfway through the show and have finally got our first Sa-Ki couple’s kiss which is a treat for all. However, the misunderstandings that this couple holds for each other are surely getting on our nerves, and while we know that the drama is going to be worth it all, we need more romantic moments to be satisfied.

Meanwhile, today’s case was a little more interesting and up to what was promised at the beginning. It is a necessary lesson that men too are victims of domestic violence and for them to admit to this is tougher than it is for a woman. However, leaving behind such a toxic relationship is important and no one should have to hold on for so long.

Altogether, this was yet another interesting episode and I am surely looking forward to someone finding Jang hee-jin suspicious already.

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