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Ring rage: Brawl erupts at Phuket boxing stadium

Ring rage: Brawl erupts at Phuket boxing stadiumLegacy

A viral video capturing foreign boxers and their cornermen brawling in the ring sparked widespread criticism online. The explosive incident occurred at the Bangla Boxing Stadium in Patong, Phuket, during the main event on May 26.

The showdown featured an Irish boxer in the red corner and a Russian boxer in the blue corner. As the ring announcer prepared to reveal the winner, the Russian boxer, confident of victory, performed a dramatic backflip into the centre of the ring. However, to his shock, the judges awarded the match to the Irish boxer with a close score of 49 to 48.

The Irish winner then approached his Russian rival and taunted him, igniting immediate tensions. The Russian boxer, visibly upset, retaliated, and soon the two were exchanging blows. Their cornermen and trainers swiftly jumped into the fray, with some enthusiastic spectators also joining the chaos. Fortunately, the melee was brought under control in less than two minutes, thanks to the swift intervention of security personnel and the ring announcer.

Despite the disruption, the championship belt was awarded to the Irish boxer, and both fighters exited the venue without further incident. Tourists were even allowed to take photos on the stage as usual. However, the clips circulating online predominantly showcased the fight, leading many to mistakenly believe that the violence was more severe than it was.

In response, stadium officials urged those sharing the clips to include the full footage, highlighting that no one was injured and the situation was quickly resolved. The Sports Authority of Thailand officials in Phuket summoned the involved parties yesterday, reported KhaoSod English.

Both boxers apologised and shook hands, expressing regret for the incident.

In related news, Thailand hosted its first-ever mixed martial arts event for police officers only yesterday, May 28 at Rajadamnern Stadium, the appropriately titles Cops Combat event saw police officers from various parts of the country competing in a combat sports tournament.

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