free hit counter code Roku reveals ‘system update’ trick to get ‘free movies and shows’ on your TV – two others unlock over 400 channels –

Roku reveals ‘system update’ trick to get ‘free movies and shows’ on your TV – two others unlock over 400 channels

ROKU fans are in for luck as hundreds of more channels are unlocked for free viewing.

Viewers using Roku on their streaming devices can already access tons of content on their devices for free – and now there will be even more choices available.


Roku users can now access hundreds more free channels[/caption]


Viewers can access the free channels through their devices or online[/caption]

While some premium channels, series, and films still require purchase or a paid subscription, there is no shortage of options for free viewing.

Roku devices allow users to stream video and sound from their phones, tablets, computers, or other devices directly to a compatible TV.

Several versions of Roku are available on the market today, including a professional-grade 4K option.

Shoppers can snag the most affordable choice, a Roku Express HD, for just $19 on Amazon at the time of writing.

Most Roku owners know they can head to the Featured Free category to discover some free content, but there are more ways to take advantage of everything Roku has to offer.

There are three main tricks viewers can use to start enjoying thousands more free films and TV shows.


Many Roku owners will already be familiar with the Roku Channel Store, easily accessible from the device’s preinstalled app selection.

The Roku Channel allows users to search on their device or the Roku website to find free movies and TV shows already linked to their profile.

Users can add ‘channels’ to their profile for easy access later on too.

This exclusive channel includes Roku Originals plus thousands of free movies and TV shows, more than 150 live-streaming TV channels, and a dedicated area for child-safe viewing.


Tech-savvy Roku owners can find even more free viewing by searching through the website.

But a list of free Roku channels may not immediately appear on your profile.

To add the list, log in to the website and click ‘Add channel.’

The list automatically updates with new additions every 24 hours, so viewers may want to manually update the list if they require immediate access to a new channel.

To do this, head to Settings and click on System > System Update > Check now.

Once downloaded, the channels should appear and be available on all of the user’s Roku-enabled devices.

The Roku Channel – what you need to know

Here’s the lowdown…

The Roku Channel is a streaming app that’s available on a range of devices.

It offers more than 400 live TV channels.

And it promises over 80,000 movies and TV shows on an on-demand basis.

Roku says that the app is available on:

  • Roku streaming devices
  • Compatible Samsung Smart TVs
  • Compatible AMazon Fire TV devices
  • website
  • Roku mobile apps (iOS and Android)

Roku notes that the app is only available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It’s also available in Mexico, but only on Roku devices.


Another option for free content is to take advantage of Roku’s antenna-connected channels.

The Live TV Channel Guide can combine Roku channels with “over-the-air” options to provide users with a seamless viewing experience.

Viewers can easily discover and watch hundreds of free films and TV shows in just a few clicks.

Roku owners combining their antenna set-up with Roku will find their viewing options expanded greatly with local ‘live’ programming.

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