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Saugerties moving forward on cleanup of three Route 212 parcels

SAUGERTIES, N.Y.  – The town is seeking to remove junk from three parcels owned by Shane Edwards along state Route 212 near the village line.

The Safety and Building Department has received authority to get bids for the removal, Supervisor Fred Costello said.

Costello said the move was necessary because the properties, which are in a high-traffic area, have been the subject of complaints.

“(Route) 212 is a gateway and it’s a flagrant violation with the storage of vehicles and the property maintenance code,” he said.

“The problem is we’re going into neighborhoods and writing people up, then on the way to Town Hall, they’re driving past that and going ‘why am I different?’” Costello said. “So, the profile on that is different because everybody sees it.”

Edwards has one 0.53-acre parcel at 331 Route 32 adjacent to a gas station and directly across from the CVS pharmacy. It is separated from the other two parcels by two residential properties owned by other individuals. His other parcels are 0.55 acres at 311 Route 212 and 0.15 acres at 309 Route 212.

“There’s a number of unregistered vehicles,” Costello said. “There are buildings that are in some (state) of disrepair, there are occasions where the front lawn is not mowed correctly, and you can’t not see it.”

Costello said the decision to move forward with town cleanup was because Edwards seemed to be “cooperative with saying he was going to do it” but failed to follow through.

Information from Ulster County about the parcels showed that Edwards purchased 331 state Route 32 on Aug. 25, 2004, for $140,000 and lost it in an Ulster County foreclosure on March 12, 2019, before getting it back on May 1, 2019. He purchased 311 state Route 32 on May 11, 2006, for $138,000, the Ulster County records show.

The records show that Edwards purchased 309 state Route 32 on June 24, 2013, for $500. It was taken over by Wells Fargo Bank for $89,121 on May 16, 2014; then it was purchased again for $35,829 by Edwards on March 8, 2016; taken over by Ulster County on March 16, 2023; and returned to Edwards for $28,823 on Sept. 6, 2023.

Edwards could not be reached for comment about the town cleanup efforts.

Costello said the requests for bids have been issued but submissions have yet to be reviewed.

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