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SF restaurant postpones grand opening after burglary

(KRON) — A new Mediterranean-style restaurant is having to delay its grand opening in San Francisco this week after thieves took off with thousands of dollars worth of items, leaving the rest of the store untouched.

Xebec SF, located in Hayes Valley, was set to have a soft on Tuesday, but a strange break-in has left the owner with many questions and heartbroken. Chef George Hawawini spent the last six months preparing his new restaurant for its grand opening on Wednesday.

“We were to have about eight front staff members come in today and six in the back. We felt great, and we were on cloud 9,” Hawawini told KRON4.

That all changed once he saw this video surveillance (above) of people breaking into the restaurant and stealing over $15,000 worth of cooking tools and liquor.

“The fact someone just had the guts to do it so easily. They used the window and used a crowbar to leave the lock, and then they were just walking around and opened up all the doors,” Hawawini said.

George says this all took place between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. on Tuesday. The individuals used garbage cans and duffle bags to take the items. And an hour later, they came back.

“It looked like four to five people. It looked like two females got on the bar and started just grabbing the bottles and handling them,” Hawawini said.

Hawawini explains that the thieves did not cause any physical damage to the restaurant. He says they took liquor from the front and back of the restaurant. Eventually, they made their way to the kitchen, where they were seen looking through his recipe book.

“They even opened up the freezers and I don’t know what they were searching for,” Hawawini said.

He says police were here earlier investigating and dusting for fingerprints, telling him they haven’t seen anything like it.

“You know, having this when the light is right there. We were at the finish line, and it breaks your heart a little bit, but you have to move forward,” Hawawini said.

Hawawini said he plans to add additional security measures, and despite this setback, he still has faith that San Francisco will continue to improve. He plans to open in the next week.

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