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Shogun Episode 5 reveals who Lady Mariko’s father is

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Lord Nagakodo’s actions face severe consequences from his father, Lord Toranaga, in Shogun Episode 5. A surprising person returns, throwing a wrench in the potential affair of Lady Mariko and John Blackthorne. As that happens, Lord Toranaga’s hunt for who talked his son into attacking Nebara Jozen continues. 

The Council has gathered and are prepared to impeach Lord Toranaga, but Lord Ishido informs them that he has resigned. This results in them saying they need to vote on a new member of the Council. Each person brings up a name, and none like one another’s picks. A message arrives for Lord Ishido, and when he opens it, it is Nebara Jozen’s head.

Lord Toranaga has returned to Ajiro with a surprise — Lady Mariko’s husband, Buntaro. Toranaga informs Lady Mariko that the contingent of Ronin helped Buntaro fight off the others to survive. She handed over the book of notes on Blackthorne’s practices in his absence. Toranaga informs Lady Mariko that she will continue to work with Blackthorne while Buntaro will move in with them.

What is Lord Nagakodo’s punishment?

Toranaga gives a speech about falling for Lord Ishido’s trap and potentially getting them into an even bigger war. As a result of his attack on Nebara Jozen, he is stripping Lord Nagakodo of his cannon regiment.

Toranaga talks with Yabushige about what he plans on doing with Ishido’s offer. Yabushige continued to state he was on Toranaga’s side. Toranaga wants him to find out who convinced his son to attack Jozen. In the meantime, he appoints Kashigi Omi as the new cannon regiment.

Buntaro isn’t thrilled to be moving into the living quarters with Blackthorne. At dinner, Buntaro criticizes the way Blackthorne eats and drinks. The two begin having a drinking battle, which quickly turns violent. Buntaro picks up a bow and shoots it.

Who is Lady Mariko’s father?

Amid the pissing contest, Blackthorne questions the way Buntaro treats his wife. Because of what he said, he forces Lady Mariko to explain who she really is. Her father was Akechi-san, who killed the ruler of Japan out of love for the realm. Because of his actions, he was forced to kill his wife (her mother) and daughters (her sisters).

Later that night, Blackthorne is awakened by a loud banging noise. He storms into the room, seeing Lady Mariko battered and bruised. Blackthorne storms outside to confront Buntaro for what he did. Instead of fighting, Buntaro puts his weapon on the ground, blaming the drinks for his action.

Who died in “Broken to the Fist”?

Early in the episode, Lord Toranaga had a pheasant delivered to Blackthorne. He thought it was a great jester, so he had them hang it up outside and told anyone if they were to touch it, they were to be killed. The stench had gotten so bad that Uejirou had taken it down. Lady Toda took Blackthorne’s words for truth and killed Uejirou for touching the pheasant.

How does Shogun Season 1 Episode 5 end?

Blackthorne confronts Toranaga about fulfilling the duty he promised at sea. He wants to get his end of the bargain by getting his ship and his guys to leave Japan. Amid the talks, the ground begins to shake because of an earthquake. The surroundings suck up Toranaga, leading him to fall into the ground, and Blackthorne and others rescue him. Off in the distance, we see the quake shake the foundation of the land, destroying Ajiro and killing many.

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The post Shogun Episode 5 reveals who Lady Mariko’s father is appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

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