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Siya and Rachel Kolisi dine with Roger Federer

Rachel Kolisi posted photos on social media this weekend of the Kolisis dining with tennis star and friend of the Kolisis, Roger Federer.


Following the 2023 Rugby World Cup, former Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi, moved to France to join French team Racing 92. His wife Rachel and their children joined him. Read the official statement by the Kolisi Foundation here.

The Consulate General of France in Cape Town interviewed Rachel to ask her about life in France and settling in with their children. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

Even though some of the Kolisis’ friends from around the world warned her that the French are often not very friendly to people who don’t speak their language, she found that most French people are helpful.

When asked about key differences between South Africa and France, she pointed out a few things. For example, she said that the food is generally less sweet than in South Africa. Also, she mentioned that people in Paris love to hoot, which reminds her of taxi drivers in South Africa.

During the interview, Rachel was asked what her personal motto was and she responded:

“This too shall pass. It helps with making peace with the fact that this chapter is at times hard, but we know it’s going to be so great and we’re going to appreciate this season so much. The French are passionate, artistic, loving people, and we’re trying to be intentional about not just ending up in with only English circles and people.”

Rachel Kolisi


Rachel posted photos on social media showing the Kolisis dining with Roger Federer. Siya and Rachel’s children Nicholas and Keziah took part in the fine dining.


The first encounter between Roger Federer and Siya Kolisi was back in 2020. At the time, the professional Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal played against Roger Federer in an exhibition match in South Africa. Kolisi attended the match and it was there that Federer and Kolisi met for the first time. Federer spent some time in South Africa at that time and said he would love to meet the rugby player. Despite Kolisi being out of rugby due to an injury at that time, the two of them played a game of tennis. Siya did not want to miss a chance to play against the legendary tennis player.

The two sports legends kept in contact, and when Siya told Federer that he was going to Geneva at the end of 2021, Federer invited him for lunch in Zurich. Siya stated in an interview that Federer is a completely down-to-earth person. Federer even became somewhat of a personal tour guide for Siya, showing him around Switzerland.

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