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Thai police seize 6 million meth pills hidden in watermelon cargo

Thai police seize 6 million meth pills hidden in watermelon cargoLegacy

Thai police seized 6 million meth pills in Phitsanulok province, thanks to the sharp observation skills of officers at a checkpoint in Wat Bot district. During a press conference, high-ranking officials praised the local police for intercepting the drug shipment, cleverly concealed within a load of watermelons, before it could reach its destination in the old capital of Ayutthaya.

On the evening of March 16, at a drug checkpoint in Tha Ngam, Wat Bot district, the vigilance of the officers paid off. They noticed irregularities in the behaviour of the two men in a pickup truck, laden with watermelons. The suspects, Uten Suramit and Asawut Kasepraserit, both 20 years old and from Chiang Mai, were separated for a drug test, which returned positive. A subsequent search revealed a staggering stash of methamphetamine pills hidden beneath the watermelons.

The suspects confessed they had been hired to transport the drugs from Chiang Mai and were promised a payment of 150,000 baht each upon successful delivery. The operation was sophisticated, with a lead vehicle that had already passed the checkpoint an hour before the drug-laden truck arrived. That lead vehicle was later intercepted by police in Phayao province, heading north, resulting in three more arrests.

The police’s ability to discern something amiss with the watermelon shipment was crucial to the bust. Typically, watermelon sellers organise their fruit by size and type, but the cargo in question was haphazardly stacked, raising suspicion. A closer inspection using a flashlight revealed black bags hidden among the watermelons.

The police’s strategy included positioning the suspect vehicle near a surveillance camera for a thorough search and evidence collection. This meticulous approach led to the seizure of the drugs and the apprehension of the suspects before they could reach their intended delivery point.

Kittirat Phanphet, the Deputy National Police Chief, acknowledged that drug trafficking from the northern regions to central Thailand remains a significant problem. He commended the enforcement at all levels for their heightened vigilance and training to recognise the increasingly cunning methods of smugglers who use agricultural produce as cover.

The five arrested individuals, who had yet to receive their payment, admitted to the transportation charges and are now aiding in the investigation to uncover the masterminds behind this operation. The police and anti-narcotics units are employing all legal measures to disrupt and ultimately dismantle these drug trafficking networks, which continue to plague the country.

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