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THIS MAN Montage: Jeonghan X Wonwoo Teases Fan with a Cryptic Storyline for Their Upcoming Unit Album

SEVENTEEN’s members really don’t seem to know how to take a rest, as just after the release of their full album, Jeonghan and Wonwoo are already gearing up with a new subunit single album. At 12:00 KST today, they revealed THIS MAN Montage a teaser for their upcoming project providing tantalising glimpses into the song and shedding more light on the album’s name. Fans worldwide eagerly awaited the release of this latest creation from the special unit.

In the teaser video, viewers are drawn into a cryptic storyline depicted on a computer screen. The scene unfolds with someone sketching a handsome man, accompanied by perplexing text that reads, “Have you seen this man?” The narrative takes a twist as the artist contemplates the mysterious figure, expressing confusion over vivid dreams and fragmented memories. The poignant question emerges: “Is this memory even mine?”

As fans dissect the enigmatic imagery and introspective lyrics showcased in the teaser, speculation is rife about the underlying theme of THIS MAN. Many are quick to draw connections between the visual elements and the potential narrative explored in the upcoming single album.

The teaser’s visuals and introspective musings suggest a deep exploration of memory, identity, and the blurred lines between reality and dreams. With Jeonghan and Wonwoo at the helm, fans anticipate a thought-provoking journey through emotive storytelling and poignant lyricism.

Throughout their careers, SEVENTEEN members have consistently pushed artistic boundaries, captivating audiences with their diverse range of concepts and compelling narratives. As they venture into the realm of a subunit, expectations run high for yet another innovative addition to the group’s repertoire.

Check Out Jeonghan and Wonwoo THIS MAN Montage

This comeback is particularly special as it might be Jeonghan’s last musical project before his imminent enlistment in the military. With this enlistment, he will be the first member of the group to fulfill this duty, adding a poignant significance to the upcoming release.

THIS MAN Release Date

Jeonghan and Wonwoo 1st single album will be released on June 17, 2024.

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