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Tokyo Vice Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – What does Sato want from Samantha?

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Samantha’s back is against the wall in Episode 3 of Tokyo Vice Season 2. With Hayama ruffling feathers inside Samantha’s club, she turns to Sato for help. As that happens, Jake and Misaki’s relationship takes a turn for the worse while Hiroto and Detective Nagata make a massive arrest in the race against the local gangs. 

Yabuki summons his crew to speak about their actions at the Kabukicho. He tells them that they must return the money to the club. The entire team doesn’t understand why he is allowing Chihara-kai to take over all of their territory, but Yabuki tells them to follow his orders.

At Samantha’s club, a crew begins to get a little rowdy, and she asks Sato to do something about it. However, he ignores her, but Masahito Ohno (the architect smitten by Samantha) buys a bottle for the table. Later that night, Sato took Erika home from the club, leading to the two kissing.

What does Sato want from Samantha?

Samantha and Sato discuss Hayama and how he is bad for business. Sato said they would handle Hayama if Samantha got information from Masahito Ohno about where the shopping center was being built. She tells him she won’t spy on a client, but he informs her that she fired Claudine and was working for them and getting information from Ohno about the project.

What was Hishinuma arrested for?

Detective Nagata and Hiroto formulate a plan to raid Hisinuma’s place to arrest anyone who gets in their way. They arrive at his place, and Nagata informs him that since Shibuya was arrested, and it being part of his duties for Hishinuma, his criminal liability extends to his employer, meaning she is putting him under arrest.

One of the men steps up to Detective Nagata, putting his hands on her, and this triggers the raid of police officers stepping in to arrest everyone. They arrest 24 men in total in connection with the gang. Detective Nagata informs everyone that the war against the gangs in the city is just beginning.

With Tozawa out of the picture, Jake and Misaki strike up the old flame and explore their relationship. Jake has a big event coming up and invites her to be his plus one, and although she is hesitant, he promises her everything will be okay. At the event, things go well with her being under a different alias. Misaki notices someone at the party who might recognize her and leaves.

What happened to Tat?

Jake has been working on a new article for the paper involving the local motorcycle gang and the rise in stolen bikes. Chika, Tat’s sister, arrived at Jake’s place to inform him that Tat (gang leader) had been arrested. She blamed his newspaper articles for not only the arrest but the fact they were throwing the book at him, putting him in the same jail as murderers.

Jake tried to get the paper to help Tat out, but they said they wouldn’t get involved. Because of his guilt, Jake reaches out to Sato to attempt to get him to help Tat out. Sato agrees to get Tat help inside the prison and, when he is out, get him a spot in his team.

How does Tokyo Vice Season 2 Episode 3 end?

Samantha meets with Ishida to discuss whether she plans to give them the information on Ohno. She tells him she will do what they asked but gets sole ownership of the club in return. After some haggling over the deal, the two shake hands and agree to one. The episode ends with us seeing Misaki with Tozawa.

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The post Tokyo Vice Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – What does Sato want from Samantha? appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

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