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Udon Thani youth wreak havoc in neighbouring village

Udon Thani youth wreak havoc in neighbouring villageLegacy

A violent clash between youth groups from neighbouring villages in Udon Thani province escalated into a full-blown conflict, leading to a series of disturbing incidents that have left residents living in fear.

The feud, which has intensified over the past month, has seen teenagers armed with guns, explosives, and knives from the village of Ban Muang in Sakon Nakhon province, causing havoc in the Nong Ka Non Sim community of Ban Dung district.

The dispute reached a new peak on the evening of February 11, when a young man, known as Moo Yorng, was rendered unconscious after being kicked in the neck by Bas, a teenager from the rival Nong Phak Sai village. The incident, which took place at 6pm, resulted in Moo Yorng being hospitalised at Somdet Phra Yupparat Ban Dung Hospital.

Moo Yorng claimed the attack was motivated not by jealousy over his looks, as initially suggested by some but was an act of aggression stemming from mockery in a Facebook story. Moo Yorng’s grandmother recounted that the altercation began when her grandson went to get a haircut and encountered the group from Nong Phak Sai, eventually leading to a violent confrontation.

As tensions remain high, the mother of Moo Yorng, 40 year old Thidaporn (surname withheld) expressed worry for her son’s condition, which, although not critical, still required medical attention for his injuries. She revealed that the youth from the opposing village had previously extended an apology and promised to cover medical expenses, but no formal apology or visit to her son had occurred.

The situation has prompted village elders to step in and attempt to mediate and resolve the ongoing conflict. Phichet Toim, the head of the local community, acknowledged that youth gangs from outside areas frequently cause trouble, especially during festival seasons, and despite efforts by authorities to maintain security, violent confrontations remain a persistent issue, reported KhaoSod.

Ongoing violence

The focus shifted to the other side of the story today as the mother of Bas and Bunhom Chankhiao, the village head from Nong Ka, provided their accounts. They claimed that Moo Yorng was the instigator, challenging Bas to a fight, which escalated to a violent encounter at the spillway. Bas insisted that he did not possess a gun during the fight and that their ongoing issues were typical among youths in their respective villages.

Both village elders are actively seeking a peaceful resolution, with plans to hold discussions with the district office to establish measures to prevent further youth disturbances. They are concerned about the safety of both communities, aiming to prevent any more injuries or potential loss of life due to the reckless behaviour of the feuding youth groups.

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