free hit counter code Veterinary tranquilizer making its way into street drugs prompts inquiry from SF supe –

Veterinary tranquilizer making its way into street drugs prompts inquiry from SF supe

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A powerful veterinary tranquilizer that is reportedly finding its way into street-level drugs around the county has prompted an inquiry from San Francisco Supervisor Matt Dorsey. Last week, a nationwide public health advisory was issued warning of the role of Medetomidine in a recent spike in drug overdoses.

On Tuesday, Dorsey issued a letter of inquiry seeking responses from the San Francisco Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, SF Department of Public Health and the SFPD Drug Market Agency Coordination Center. In the letter, Dorsey sought answers as to if officials were monitoring the city’s illicit drug supply for Medetomidine.

“Is San Francisco’s illicit drug supply being monitored for Medetomidine currently, whether in street-level drug seizures, decedent toxicology panels, or elsewhere?” read the letter in part.

Dorsey’s office cited research blaming Medetomidine, a powerful veterinary anesthesia, for “recent mass overdose outbreaks in Philadelphia, Chicago, and elsewhere,” including Canadian metros, Toronto and Vancouver. Dorsey also cited an NPR report from Philadelphia linking the drug to 160 hospitalizations over a three-to-four-day period.

Medetomidine, according to Dorsey, acts as a fentanyl adulterant and can slow heart rates to dangerous, even deadly levels. In the inquiry, Dorsey asked relevant departments to report on guidance for how city leaders can adequately fund and support ongoing monitoring for Medetomidine and other dangerous additives in SF’s illicit drug supply.

In a previous inquiry from February of 2023, Dorsey sought similar answers regarding Xylazine, another veterinary tranquilizer found in fentanyl and street-level opioids.

“As with my prior inquiry, my purpose is to ascertain how I may knowledgeably champion work I consider essential to protect the life and health of San Franciscans struggling with addiction,” Dorsey said, ” and to sustain the indications of progress we’re beginning to see in the deadly drug overdose crisis facing San Francisco.’

Dorsey has frequently acknowledged his own journey in recovering from addiction as a motivating factor for him seeking a seat on the Board of Supervisors.

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