free hit counter code Watch moment learner driver fails test for everyday error when entering a roundabout – can you spot what she did wrong?  –

Watch moment learner driver fails test for everyday error when entering a roundabout – can you spot what she did wrong? 

THIS is the moment a learner driver failed her test over an everyday roundabout error – can you spot what she did wrong?

The nervous teen fell foul of a rule everyone should know, but many Brits seem to forget.

You Tube/ Clearview Driving

Learner driver Sirha made a common error when entering a roundabout[/caption]

You Tube/ Clearview Driving

Some suggested her use of the pedals was the issue[/caption]

You Tube/ Clearview Driving

Other claimed that she blocked the roundabout[/caption]

Driving instructor Aman Sanghera, from Clear View Driving, posted a video of the mock test to her YouTube channel challenging viewers to spot the fault.

In the clip, her student Sirha approaches a mini roundabout on a busy residential road.

The approach to the roundabout was split into two lanes, each marked with an arrow on the road.

The junction was divided into three exits, one to the left, one to the right and the third being the opposite lane on the road she came from.

Sirha was taking the second exit but ended up making an error which resulted in a serious fault being registered.

There was plenty of speculation in the comments as to what this was.

One social media user suggested: “She put her foot under the pedal.”

Another chimed in: “Stopped on roundabout blocking it.

“Should have waited till her exit was clear.”

And a third commenter, who we suspect was not from the UK, joked: “She is driving on the wrong side of the road, too easy.”

However, the true fault came down to Sirha’s positioning on the road as she entered the roundabout.

Aman explained: “At the roundabout, there are two lanes.

“The left hand lane is for going straight and the right hand lane is for turning right.

“There are very clear road markings.

“Sirha enters the left hand lane and puts on a right indicator and turns from this lane.

“There was a vehicle behind us and they were quite unsure as to what we were doing.”

It may seem basic, but plenty of drivers can forget that there is a strict set of rules for joining roundabouts.

The left-hand lane should only be used for turning left or going straight ahead.

Likewise, going for any exit beyond the straight requires the right lane to be used.

An exception to this is the so-called “slingshot method” where drivers use the right-hand lane to beat long queues for the first or second exits.

However, as a general rule of thumb, try and get into the correct lane early and always obey any road markings.

It comes after another learner was left puzzled when they failed their test for going through a green light.

You Tube/ Clearview Driving

But the real problem was that she turned right from the wrong lane[/caption]

You Tube/ Clearview Driving

Driving instructor Aman Sanghera explained that this put vehicles behind at risk[/caption]

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